P2P lending platform i2iFunding aims to disburse INR 200 crores over the next 2 years

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending platform i2iFunding aims to break even by the second half of 2019 given its robust growth in the last two years and promising growth outlook in the next 2 years as well.

P2P lending platform i2iFunding aims to disburse Rs. 200 Crores over the next 2 years

Launched in October 2015, i2ifunding has become the leading P2P lending platform in India due to its committed and transparent business model in providing alternative investment option to Investors and affordable personal loans to genuine borrowers looking for money for their various needs. The startup currently disburse loan worth Rs. 60-75 lakhs per month. The company has a vision to upscale this disbursement up to Rs. 200-Crore over the next 2 years. With this pace, is most likely to achieve its break even point within 2 years, which is a year sooner than expected.

Vaibhav Pandey, Co-Founder of said, “Against the traditional brick and mortar institutions, P2P lending gains an edge due to its cost-effectiveness and shorter turn-around time for loan disbursements. i2ifunding has achieved a leadership position in this segment and most likely to break even by 2019-20”.

“Not only borrowers here are the happy customers as they receive hassle-free loan, lenders too gain higher returns on their investments in proportion to their risk-appetite,” Vaibhav added.

Certainly, P2P lending has an edge over traditional banking mechanisms due to its low operational cost. So far, I2IFunding has disbursed loans worth more than 5-Cr with less than 4% of defaults rate. Expanding its operations in more than 50 cities, the company is effectively tapping the huge market for P2P investments.

About a year ago, had also established a Principal Protection Fund by keeping aside money from its earnings. This was done to safeguard the interest of its customers and help them stay stress-free. The quantum of the payout was fixed by the category of loans. Lately, i2iFunding compensated 40 investors, by paying a total sum of Rs 4.25 lakhs. Out of 7 accounts wherein the defaults were reported, 4 belonged to the risk category ‘D’ and one account each belonged to the categories ‘C’, ‘E’ and ‘F’. This was done at no extra cost to the investors.

The company claims to be the first P2P lending platform in India to compensate investors for the loss of outstanding principal amount incurred on the defaulted accounts.

Peer to Peer lending, also known as P2P Lending, is a financial innovation which connects verified borrowers seeking unsecured personal loans with investors looking to earn higher returns on their investments. Verified borrowers are listed on the P2P lending platform, Investors can see all the details about the borrowers before lending money to them. Investors have the option to lend small amounts to multiple borrowers to diversify their investments.

Peer to Peer Lending is already a hugely successful model for alternate financing across globe. In India, P2P Lending is gaining traction at very fast pace and slowly becoming a very attractive investment option for investors. RBI has already taken a cognizance of this innovation and come up with a consultation paper to regulate this sector.

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