Best WordPress Syntax Highlighter Plugins of 2018

Displaying code within a post in WordPress is not an easy task as it uses TinyCME as default editor. That is where WordPress Syntax Highlighter Plugins play an important role to solve this niggling issue.

Syntax highlighter plugins for WordPress are especially developed for that purpose only. These plugins help you customize the codes that you add to your article or website.

So, are you looking for Syntax highlighter plugins? Well, we have tested more than 10 Syntax highlighter plugins from WordPress’ immense directory. Out of which, below are the 5 best Syntax highlighter plugins for WordPress which you can use for your website or blog.

Best WordPress Syntax Highlighter Plugins

  1. Crayon Syntax Highlighter

So far, this is one of the best syntax highlighter plugins for WordPress that we have come across. It can be installed directly from the WordPress plugins directory. Once you are done with the installation, you can easily customize the settings as per your requirements because it has an integrated theme editor.

Talking about its features, the plugin comes with multiple languages, themes, and fonts support. It provides regular expressions and support for various languages which may appear on the website and highlights both URLs and WordPress post texts. Furthermore, the Crayon Syntax Highlighter has an Integrated Theme Editor, Tag Editor, Toggled plain code and line numbers, Open code, Minimizing and Mixed Language Highlighting.

  1. Enlighter

EnlighterJS is a free, easy-to-use, syntax highlighting plugin developed for MooTools. The plugin offers another means to help display codes on your WordPress website in an “enlightening” fashion. It comes along with a theme customizer tool which can be helpful in viewing live previews. The tool can also be used to help modify the built-in themes.

This WordPress syntax highlighter plugin also provides the users with tab-panes which can be used to display code groups together. There is also support for shortcodes that can be used within content, comments, and widgets. Furthermore, if the website is missing monospace fonts then that too is handled by the plugin. Overall this plugin is incredibly easy to use and offers a high level of customizability.

  1. WP-Syntax

WP-Syntax uses GeSHi to provide clean syntax highlighting for your code that you can add to your website. It supports a wide range of popular languages for embedding source code within pages or posts, highlighting with or without line numbers and maintains formatting while copying snippets of code from the browser.

Furthermore, WP-Syntax avoids conflicts with other 3rd party plugins by running an early pre-filter and a late post-filter that substitutes and pulls the code snippets out first and then pushes them back in with highlighting at the end. The result is source code formatted and highlighted the way you intended.

  1. Syntax Highlighter Evolved

Syntax Highlighter Evolved has so far got 40K downloads from WordPress users. The plugin allows you to easily add the codes to your site without losing its formatting or making any manual changes. It uses the SyntaxHighlighter JavaScript package by Alex Gorbatchev.

In our opinion, Syntax Highlighter Evolved is one of the smoothest working WordPress admin syntax highlighter plugins that is in a constant development mode. Their tech support team is helpful and you can reach out to them for any of your queries. Also, the updates are regularly available.

  1. Code Prettify

With Code Prettify syntax highlighter WordPress plugin, the user can add the Google Code Prettify library to WordPress. The entire library comes as one minified javascript file which can help detect the correct language that is being used as well as parse all the tags displayed on the page. Some other added benefits of the plugin include lazy loading the necessary syntax module along with applying the highlighting where ever required.

Overall, this syntax highlighter WordPress plugin is only 31 lines of code which makes it very lightweight. It is extremely purpose-oriented without any sense of distraction like custom CSS classes and no shortcodes.

There were a plethora of WordPress Syntax Highlighter Plugins present out there, but not everyone is best. Do let us know which plugin you are using and why in the comments section below. Also, if you like this article then please share it on your social media channels.

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