5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs ChatBots right now!

With widespread technological advancement propelled by the dawn of information technology in the 21st Century, people have truly ushered in the era of digital age. We are living in an age where the whole world has shrunk to a global village riding on the internet bandwagon. Lots of reasons could be attributed to this phenomenon—computers, smartphones, tablets, mobile apps you name it! But, the invention of live chat bot tech is surely one that cannot be overlooked. Equally valuable to both businesses and customers alike, live ChatBots serve as the perfect medium for their interaction.

Here is a lowdown on some massive advantages of live chatbots! 


1) Enhanced Customer Service

In a stark comparison to email and phone support, customers feel more confident and satisfied whilst engaging with businesses that use live chat systems. Why? Well, chatbots make conversations instant, reliable, easy, and completely hassle-free without any snags whatsoever! 

With live chat software at the helm, customer queries, grievances, et al. can be solved faster, plus you can streamline canned responses about your products and provide a 24X7 support to your customers.

This feature not only improves customer service, but also makes your customer base more loyal.


2) Swift remedy to problems

Through a nifty live chat, operators can push links to help customers. They can even transfer training documents seamlessly via the chat window. Thus, instead of walking users through lengthy and tiresome troubleshooting manuals on a step-by-step basis, chatbots rather directly link the visitor to the relevant document or content piece.

It is safe to say chatbots help operators save a great amount of time by resolving issues and problems faced by customers instantaneously. Such flexibility is impossible to be attained via phone support.


Interestingly, chatbots have also been integrated into a deluge of messaging apps such as Telegram, Line, Skype, Kik and Slack. The verdict? Users are lovin’ em.

3) In-depth analytics

With email support, there is a trove of messages sent back and forth between you and your customers. Also, it provides scope for only a limited amount of accountability which can make it hard to gauge staff performance.  

Similarly, through phone support, reviewing staff performance can be a harrowing task and impractical, so to speak, unless you record all calls and salvage time to listen to entire conversations.


But, with state-of-the-art live chat systems, and chatbots like dashbot.io and botanalytics.co you get the chance to track visitors, view and analyse custom reports while you simultaneously go through chat histories. With the abundance of simplified data at your command, you can also monitor staff performance with ease and grace!  

These features not only help in gauging visitor count, but help in streamlining marketing strategies to attract more traffic.

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4) Low Costing

While traditional methods such as phone support can handle customers in a limited and costly manner- vis-à-vis toll charges and person-hour costs, AI chat bots such as Mitsuku for instance, are very feasible. They are buoyed by features such as multitasking that give businesses enough leeway to connect and assist numerous visitors all at once!


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5) Boost In Sales

Studies suggest that live chat systems give a tremendous fillip to conversion rates by a staggering 30 percent! Not to mention, the lucrative ROI rate from paid live chat software for sales teams stands at a whopping 300%!

So much so, customers that prefer live chat are more likely to make the splurge compared with those who don’t! After all, instant access to support staff and sales team can certainly lure visitors or prospective customers.

Tell us what you like or don’t like about ChatBots in the comments section. Let’s stir it up!

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