Motorola Android smartphone Moto G to arrive in India

Motorola Android smartphone Moto G to arrive in IndiaThe most awaited android smartphone of the company, Motorola is preparing to launch the Moto G in India sometime this week. However, the company is looking to launch it exclusively through online retailers that might be Flipkart in India

As we can see the company is quickly rolling out the Moto G in various markets like Australia, Malaysia, and Dubai. Motorola is going the quick way of tying up with partners either chain retailer or a carrier instead of setting its own go to market teams in most markets.

The Moto G is better known as a game changer but the company is not following market strategy as a tier one brand does.

Currently, Motorola does not have a marketing team in India though the company is mulling on the road ahead and is most likely to have some representation in India later this year.

As everyone knows that it could be very similar to Nexus devices bought from Google’s Play store where the repairs/replacements are handled online.


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