Reports suggests Apple will launch two new iPhone models this year

I hope you all remember how the Foxconn has said that it’s is trying to lessen its reliance on Apple?  Foxconn is an apple partner for manufacturing and supply of iPhone 5c.  As the report on iPhone 6 manufacturing comes from one of the Chinese news website Liberty Times saying that the Pegatron is expecting to win the contract for production of iPhone 6.

Currently, Pegatron is another supplier of iPad Mini and iPhone 5c that might be responsible for the production of half of the iPhone 6.

In last product cycle, Apple relied mainly on Foxconn to produce the iPhone 5S while placing most of the iPhone 5C production responsibility on Pegatron’s shoulders.

Even the report is not very clear and that does not specify which supplier will take care of the rest half of iPhone 6 orders, but it is more likely the responsibility will fall to Foxconn.

The current rumors also suggest that the Apple will bring two variants of the iPhone 6 with the display size of 4.7 and 5.7 inches. It is likely to be priced at two different costs.


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