Bengaluru-based Tagos raised $5 Mn Series A funding

In-video discovery platform Tagos has raised $5 Mn in Series A funding from a venture capital firm and two global corporations. The company said in a statement on Thursday though, the names of the investors remain undisclosed.

Bengaluru-based Tagos raised $5 Mn Series A funding

Tagos operates an in-video platform called that makes videos interactive. The company was founded in in 2014 by GBS Bindra, Sushant Panda, and Tripat Preet Singh. The company’s flagship product makes videos respond to a user’s touch and allows the user to discover more from the video. It makes the video a two-way experience, by making it respond to user’s touch. Every touch is bookmarked, deeply categorised and persists outside the video and creates new value for content owners, publishers and viewers.

GBS Bindra, founder & CEO of Tagos said, “We have been one of earliest practitioners of computer vision and machine learning at Tagos and between our revolutionary product, this infusion of smart capital and our world-class team, we couldn’t be more eager to accelerate our go-to-market strategy and enable marketers and video publishers to achieve what’s not humanly possible.”

“Marketers increasingly want to put the customer at the centre of their thinking and allow them to define each moment that matters. With our product offering, marketers can create smarter journeys that deliver the right content exactly when the customer needs it,” he added.

The latest fund infusion will be utilised for growth, product innovation, enhance user community, and to hire more people, as per a company statement.

Earlier, Tagos had raised an undisclosed amount from a clutch of investors including Andy Green, former chief executive at Logica, David King, former chief executive at the Time Out Group, Gautham Radhakrishnan, the partner at Tata Opportunities Fund and Vikram Kaushik, former managing director and chief executive at Tata Sky.