With the emergence of MIDI files, you can figure out chords, piano melodies, and even the drum arrangements of famous songs from different genres with ease now. There are a huge number of free MIDI files scattered on the web. However, the most difficult thing is to find and download them.

Are you also in search of best free MIDI files and Midi Packs of your favourite song but unable to find them? Fret not, we have scrapped over the web and collated a list of the best free MIDI files and MIDI packs which you can download easily for free.

Regardless of whether you are a novice artist or an accomplished music maker, MIDI files give you an understanding of how songs from different genres are composed and organized. Without further ado, let’s get started.

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Best Free MIDI Files in 2020 [With Free Download Links]

Free MIDI Files Of Loops

Do you want to incorporate some tasty MIDI loops in your music? Or, study their masterful composition to create your own melodies on similar lines? Nevertheless, you get unhindered access to a smorgasbord of free MIDI loops down below. 

These MIDI loops offer a gamut of MIDI songs composed by professional musicians that can come in handy for beginners. What’s more, all the free MIDI files in each pack traverse numerous genres ranging from the likes of hip hop, reggae to metal and rock.

Rock n Roll and Metal MIDI Files

Rock n Roll and Metal MIDI Files

Until recently, Rock n’ Roll and Metal shared the spotlight on the Billboards and global charts. Even today, these two popular and now “alternative” genres enjoy a dedicated fan base among both young and old music lovers.

Thanks to MIDI files, now you can also learn the true art of musicianship and godlike songwriting prowess by digging into some of the greatest songs ever written. 

Right from bands and artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Oasis, Rolling Stones, Guns N’ Roses, Nirvana to Metallica, Def Leppard, Linkin Park and Megadeth. We have MIDI backing tracks to some of their most famous songs.

You can immensely benefit by learning these timeless songs via free MIDI files. Download away all the gold.

EDM Files

Despite changing zeitgeists, EDM still retains its appeal for music producers. A must have for dance floor boppers, creating catchy hooks and bass driven melodies are the hallmarks of an EDM chart topper.

EDM Files

If you want to learn the intricate art of making magical EDM potion from the likes of Deadmau5, Skrillex or Calvin Harris, download the MIDI files below to some of their evergreen hits.

With these EDM hits at the helm, you can study some of the genre’s prominent songwriting techniques and implement them in your own production. Let’s dive right in.

Hip-Hop, R&B, Trap Files

The last couple of years have seen the rise of SoundCloud rappers, and trap music. Trap is a subgenre that has become the mainstay of Hip-hop/Rap. While R&B still enjoys popularity, Trap or Mumble Rap has produced stars such as Tekashi 6×9, Lil Pump, Post Malone to name a few.

If you want to study the production tricks and methodology, here’s a list of some free MIDI files for Hip Hop, Trap and R&B. Gotta download ‘em all.

Pop Music Files

Since its inception, pop music has borrowed a lot of influences and production techniques from lesser known and alternative genres Which is why it is still the numero uno genre and has barely seen any decline in popularity after all these decades.

The mantra is simple, don’t reinvent the wheel but regurgitate elements from other genres, making them accessible to the mainstream audience. Nevertheless, you can learn a lot about clever techniques deployed by pop music producers to craft catchy boppers by sussing out these free MIDI files. Let’s get started. 

Electronica MIDI Files

Music Producers in this eclectic and experimental music genre incorporate advanced songwriting techniques that are a departure from the formulaic pop music.

If you want to take your songwriting and production techniques to the next level, it is a no-brainer to dive deep into the Eletronica music genre with these free MIDI files. Happy experiments, doc!

FL Studio New Free MIDI Files And Projects

FL Studio fans rejoice for we have some goodies in store for you. Down below is a list of exclusive and varying MIDI files that run the gamut from piano chords, melodies to fully arranged songs. Throw them all in your FL Studio projects and see the magic unfold.

5 Best MIDI Sites in 2020

Best Free MIDI Files [Download Packs] of 2020

While the above-mentioned MIDI files will have you all set, there are some other noteworthy mentions that will enrich your audio collection if you are a MIDI files hobbyist or serious producer. We are listing here the best MIDI sites that are full-fledged resources of free piano MIDI files, backing tracks, loops and etc.

1) FreeMidi.org

Dedicated to the noble cause of making music more accessible to music learners across the world, Freemidi.org provides scores of MIDI files for commercial usage ranging from video games, to movies and commercials. You can find MIDI packs from tons of genres on FreeMidi and suss out user-curated selections.

It is free to sign up on the website. If you are a musician who has created their own MIDI files, you are free to upload MIDI files on your own as well.

2) BitMidi

If you are searching for free MIDI files of the latest songs or classic hits, BitMidi is an awesome resource. You can find songs encompassing a wide range of genres such as classical to contemporary Pop and EDM. Get on it!

3) Midiworld

Looking for a reliable resource of classical and jazz MIDI files? MidiWorld is a goldmine for finding such MIDI files. What’s more, you won’t find copyright material since MidiWorld specializes in providing non-commercial compositions in the public domain which are more than 70 years old.  

You can find it all here from Django Reinhardt to Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. Good luck digging into those masterpieces.

4) Partners in Rhyme

Want some hip music loops in addition to free MIDI files? Look no further than Partners In Rhyme which boasts a massive library of sounds and MIDI files to choose from. Moreover, they have a rich collection of high-quality MIDI files that are hard to find elsewhere.

5) Carlo’s MIDI

Another great place to find some decent MIDI files to enrich your collection. Especially if you want to remix an old classic, or import MIDI files of your favourite songs in FL Studio, Logic Pro or Ableton, Carlo’s MIDI is a great resource for non-commercial usage.

And…that’s all folks! Did you like our latest rundown of the best free MIDI files? Sound off in the comments.


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