In today‚Äôs digitally advanced world, even children are using high-tech devices like tablets and smartphones, along with the internet as a means of easy and fast communication. But many times, they misuse these devices for unproductive works like chatting with their friends, sharing information through social media networks and visiting sites with adult materials, etc. In this situation, they are exposed to various types of safety risks like cyberbullying, sexting, entering unsafe areas, etc. So it becomes necessary for the parents to search for the best spy app for android devices to keep an eye on their children.

Why watch out for modern children?

Parents should watch out for their modern children to protect them from identity theft on social media platforms, entering unsafe zones, browsing websites with irrelevant materials, sending and receiving text messages from unknown sources and cyberbullying, etc. All these things can affect the education and productivity of the children if they are not checked well in time.

What kind of control methods do parents practice?

To protect children from cyber-related crimes and misuse of internet and android devices, it is better to use the best spy app for android. Hoverwatch is one of the most popular and effective spy apps for android that can be used by parents to control their children.

Why do parents choose Hoverwatch for watching teenagers?

Parents usually choose Hoverwatch to watch their teenage children because it can help them in tracking their activities on their mobile phones, especially when they are misusing it. Typically parents provide mobile phones to their children to maintain connectivity between them so that they can contact their children whenever required.

best spy app for android

But most children start misusing this facility when they see that no one is going to check them. They start playing games, chat with their friends, waste their time watching movies and visiting irrelevant websites, as well as sharing text messages, audio, and video data through social media platforms, etc. instead of focusing on their studies. In this situation, it becomes necessary for the parents to choose the best spy app for android like Hoverwatch.

Simple control of children through Hoverwatch

It is effortless for the parents to use the free spy app Hoverwatch to keep an eye on the android devices of their children. Hoverwatch can record the incoming and outgoing calls and messages, including SMS and MMS, as well as their activities on the social media networks along with their online activities and geo-location, etc. Parents can use all these services just with one Hoverwatch account even without using their debit or credit card.

What is the functionality of the Hoverwatch spyware to control your children?

Hoverwatch offers several functionalities to control children like:

No visibility

Parents can use their mobile phones to get correct information about the activities of their kids on their phones without being noticed by them. You will remain invisible to your kids.

Track text messages and calls


Parents can record all the outgoing and incoming calls and text messages along with images sent and received on the target phone by using this spy app.

Track activities on social media

You can track the activities of your kids on various social media networks like Facebook, Viber, and WhatsApp, etc. with the help of this app.

Track geo-location


This spy app uses cell towers, GPS, and Wi-Fi signals to track the geo-location of the user of the target phone.

Front camera photo

This app uses the front camera of the target phone to click the picture of its user whenever it is unlocked

SIM Card Replacement

If your kids change the SIM card in their android phone, then you will get a notification in this regard.

Track up to 5 devices

You can use your Hoverwatch account to track up to 5 android devices simultaneously.

History of usage of the internet

Parents can also use this app for tracking the activities of their kids on the internet through the target device. The information recorded by this app can also be used as evidence in a different situation.

Watch to-do list

People usually make a to-do list on their mobile phone to remind them. You can know about the to-do list of your kids by using this app. In this way, you can control your kid more effectively.

Contact list

This app can also help you to read the phone number, names, and email addresses of the people entered in the contact list of their phone. It will allow parents to know the persons I contact with their kids.

Take screenshots

This spy app will take a screenshot of the target phone and send it to you so that you can know who is using that phone and for what purpose.

Spy on Snapchat activities

If your kids are sharing some drawings, documents, videos, audios, or images through Snapchat through the target phone, then you will get a notification in this regard.

How hard is it to install the software on my Android phone?

Parents can easily install this software in Android phone in three easy steps like:

Step 1: Sign up: to track the android phone of your kids, first of all, you will have to open a free account online just by signing up with You will have to provide your name, email address, and password for this purpose.

Step 2: Download and installation of the app: After opening your account with Hoverwatch, you can easily download and install it on the target phone.

Step3: Start tracking: Once you have downloaded and installed this app on a tracked phone, you can start tracking information about your children.

Do not forget about the legality of control

Hoverwatch is the best spy app for android because it is legal to use for tracking the activities of the children. But you should use it carefully as it is legal to use it until you do not breach the privacy of your children.

Conclusions and results

Thus, Hoverwatch is the best spy app for android as it allows parents as well as employees to keep an eye on their kids and employees even without being noticed by them.

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