Business Automation UpgradesWhile business automation and building a strong corporate culture may seem like they’re at opposite ends of the spectrum, there’s a significant area of overlap. Business automation upgrades can help employees reduce the amount of tedious, low-value tasks and repetitive work to open up time for new opportunities.

With the right business automation upgrades in place, you can empower your employees to become more engaged at work. Here are some of the best business automation upgrades that your employees will thank you for.

Smart Scheduling

The benefits of using smart scheduling technology are twofold. As an employer, you’ll free up time dealing with setting up a schedule and managing vacation requests. As employees, it allows for flexibility, better communication, and overall control. Smart scheduling can help find a balance between not giving employees enough work, leaving them unchallenged and bored, and giving employees too much work so that they get overwhelmed and stressed.

Smart scheduling technology can provide valuable business insights about seasonality and employee behavior (source: By having this information readily available, the business becomes more data-driven and prepared for challenging periods within the organization.

Social Media Management

Social media management is often viewed as a necessary evil in the modern business world. While social media can be a valued door into customers’ minds and hearts, it can also be a colossal timesuck that can be difficult to manage, even with a dedicated professional in place.

By using social media management automation software, you are able to provide the employee who manages the various platforms a streamlined dashboard from which to operate. Scheduling in advance and having posts automatically hit the various channels means that your employee doesn’t have to alternate between accounts, and can create consistency and strong branding in an efficient manner.

Cloud-based Project Management

Nothing is more frustrating than a long thread of emails and various versions of a document floating around an organization. Cloud-based project management software automates much of the communication process during a project to ensure that everyone is up-to-date. This improves employee engagement, positivity, and productivity, cutting out costly delays and frustrating miscommunications.

It’s estimated that 28% of the average worker’s week is spent checking email. By having automated updates to a central platform, employees won’t experience the stress of inbox overload and will be able to focus on the tasks at hand without being distracted.

Automated Reporting and Updates

Business Automation UpgradesAnother effective way to keep everyone up-to-date is to use an automated reporting app, like 15Five. 15Five is an app named for the golden rule of reporting: a report should take no longer than fifteen minutes to put together, and no longer than five minutes to read.

Using an automated reporting app allows employees to write a brief update regarding what they accomplished during the day and what the goal is for the next day. These are collected and sent out in one email each morning as a summary of everyone’s progress. This approach is a virtual version of the stand-up meetings used in the Agile project management methodology.

Email Marketing

Generating leads and communicating with them to build the trust that leads to a conversion is a time-consuming process. By having an automated email marketing program in place, employees can focus their time elsewhere and your business benefits from having a standardized approach.

By freeing up employees from chasing leads, you give them time to focus on high-value tasks, like keeping the customers you already have.

For a business to be successful in the modern marketplace, it must prioritize standardizing business processes through automation while maintaining a human touch. The best way to achieve this balance is by giving your people the tools they need to succeed.

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