Sleep. It’s necessary for us to keep up our performance in our day to day lives. The Sleep Sensor from Hello has made a really big change in people’s sleep quality. James Proud, founder and CEO of Hello, stated that the company wanted to make people know the importance of sleep.

Could this be Bye-Bye to Sleep Tracking Startup, Hello?

“We spend a third of our lives Sleeping, but most of us don’t sleep as much as we need too.”, said the CEO.

He is right indeed my friends. The ideal sleep what a working man/lady should get is around 7 hours. And for children including teenagers, it is 7-8 hours. But, do we sleep as much as we should? Of course not. We get mixed up in so many activities, doing so many things in one day, that we are not even satisfied with our 24-hour clock, we need more. So what do we do? We scrape off the least important… Wait, let me correct that, We scrape of the most important part of our day, our ‘Sleep’.

Our brain gets the rest it deserves during this time. But things are different for different people. Like, for some people, whether or not it is good for us, sleep is just a waste of time, while for some, it is the most craved. So, Hello has created this technology that will not only monitor our sleep efficiency but can also wake us up at the time we set the alarm. It plays soft soothing sounds, like white light or the sound of sea waves on a beach for you before you sleep.

But, this is not the only thing this tech can do. Whether it is your partner’s snores, or the sound of the car horn, whatever it is that woke you up in the middle of the night, ‘Sense’ makes a track of everything. You can also talk to it, giving commands like- “ Ok Sense, turn off the lights”.

But, recent events have turned out to be different. Hello is shutting down after looking for a buyer, according to a blog post from a company. According to Axios’s report, the company has unfortunately laid off most of its employees and is looking for buyers for its assets. And, the details of Axios reports have turned out to be true about the company’s talk with Fitbit. But, it has led to no outcome yet.


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