One of the leading players in Education Technology industry, Byju brings a major update to its learning app, with a focus to revolutionizing personalized learning experiences for students across grades. The new feature such as learning journey, guided paths, actionable feedback and intelligent recommendations have been added to make it more interactive in nature.

Byju learning app update brings personalized learning experience for students

The company has also leveraged big data analytics to track the learning ability of every student and create a personalized learning experience basis their proficiency level.

“In this upgrade, we have personalized the app interface to determine every student’s capability and recommend the right ‘Learn Journey’. Based on the level of understanding, ‘Learn Journeys’ will be tailor-made to every student’s individual requirements to ensure a seamless learning experience,” said founder and CEO BYJU’S, Byju Raveendran.

In India, parents play an important role hence BYJU’S also launched ‘Parent Connect’ which helps parents to keep updated on their child’s learning journey.

“The all-new ‘Parent Connect’ app elevates a parent from someone who just “monitors” to someone who “appreciates and encourages”, basically to a cheerleader’s position, who will guide and motivate the child to do better,” added Byju’s.

The startup was founded by Byju Raveendran in 2011 as an offline tutorial and as an app in August 2015, which offers the educational program for children from Classes IV to XII, besides preparing graduates for competitive exams such as CAT, IAS, GRE and GMAT.

With a reach of over 1700+ towns and cities, the team at BYJU’S is also working on learning products in local languages to expand and reach out to students across regions. The company claims to have about 8 million app downloads and more than 400,000 paid consumers. Today, Byju is one of the largest funded startups in the education technology sector.

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