Cygnett launches car accessories for smartphones and tablets user price starting from Rs. 1099

Cygnett, an international digital accessories brand has launched a new range of car mounts accessories in India with a starting price of Rs. 1099.  These accessories are very much compatible with any of the leading Smartphones and tablets.


Concerning about the safety and enjoying the access of Smartphone map music and application while driving, the company has brought Universal I & II that is suitable to any of the Smartphone or tablet. Even, these accessories allow you for full gadget functionality.Cygnett-Dashview-Universal-II-Smartphone-car-mount

It comes with an adjustable grip which can rotate in a 360-degree rotation. With these mounts holding your Smartphone or tablet, you can access the internet, navigate, check-out what’s App, email, games, apps etc. The price of Dashview Universal I & II is Rs. 1099 and 1999, respectively.

Earlier, the company has also launched accessories for the bike user that can be used in any of the climates.

These are the accessories which are available for front and rear seat. The products ensure that you are able to access your devices with ease and safety while on the move.

Cygnett Mount for Tablets

The product called CarGo transforms your back seat into a digital entertainment hub. It is a perfect place to keep your tablet safely. Similar to the Universal Side view it allow you to rotate in 360-degree. The price of CarGo is Rs. 2,999.


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