How to Disable Visual Editor Mode in WordPress

WordPress has two editor options, ‘visual’ and ‘text’ that make it easier to write a new page or post. Similar to the word processor, one can find very familiar tools and formatting options in the Visual Editor. But, not everybody enjoys it. Some people would rather have a simpler interface like text editor to work with.

So, do you want to remove the visual editor mode in WordPress? Not an issue, in this article, we will show you how to disable visual editor mode in WordPress. However, we would not suggest disabling the visual editor unless you have some basic HTML skills and knowledge.

Why Remove Visual Editor Mode in WordPress?

The visual editor is helpful to show your posts using the same fonts and colours as your WordPress theme. However, many advanced users prefer to use the plain text editor. It has some very basic formatting buttons and shows raw HTML/plain text when you create content.

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The biggest complaint about the visual editor is that when you switch between Visual/Text mode, it could affect the formatting of your post. Sometimes the visual editor also ends up adding additional formatting that’s not needed. These are not big issues, but they can certainly become really annoying.

If you are still considering removing visual editor mode in WordPress then let’s see how to easily do this.

Removing Visual Editor Mode in WordPress

All you need to do is to visit Users » Your Profile page in the WordPress admin area. You will find here the screen similar to the following –

Removing Visual Editor Mode in WordPress

Now, you need to check the box next to ‘Disable visual editor when writing’ option.

Scroll down to ‘Update Profile’ button to save your settings.

Visual editor has been disabled which you can see now while editing a post or create a new one.

Note: Remember this setting will only reflect to the current user. For other registered users, it should be configured individually.

We believe this piece of article was helpful for you to disable visual editor mode in WordPress. You may also want to see our guide to boost WordPress speed and performance.

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