Ed-tech startup Edureka now offers Masters Program in Big Data and Cloud Architecture

Ed-tech startup Edureka reaffirming its commitment to technology up-skilling, by announcing the launch of its new Masters Program in Big Data and Cloud Architecture. The new program aimed at unlocking lucrative technology careers by providing future-proof skills through a repertoire of online courses.

Ed-tech startup Edureka now offers Masters Program in Big Data and Cloud Architecture

“The current turmoil in the job market due to automation, proliferation of Robotics, AI and many other factors, can be overcome only by carefully up-skilling to stay relevant and in-demand. While this has been our commitment to learners since day one, our new Masters Program uncovers a whole new approach where we are helping learners chart on a career path, and future-proof themselves for a reasonable amount of time,” said co-founder and chief business officer Edureka, Kapil Tyagi.

Data-driven decision making is today the most vital spoke for any business, and unlocking insights from data is a highly-valued skill. The Edureka Big Data Architect Masters Programs curates a highly-lucrative career path that allows professionals to become a skilled Big Data Architect.

The courses in this program include Big Data and Analytics, Hadoop, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, SQL Database, Data Visualization, among others.

Cloud is the second name for enterprise IT today. With virtually everything moving to the cloud, there is a pressing need for experts who can play with the cloud. The Edureka Cloud Architect Masters Program lets you become a cloud master by helping you understand concepts of virtualization, software-defined networking, network infrastructures, physical and virtual storage, data center computing, backup and recovery technologies, disaster recovery and business continuity technologies, among others.

Learners can still take advantage of Edureka’s existing repertoire of 85+ courses across cloud computing, mobile development, analytics, big data, programming among others. However, the Masters Program offers hand-picked courses aimed at a specific competency as against individual skills.

Bangalore based firm was founded by Kapil Tyagi and Lovleen Bhatia in 2011 that makes learning easy, interesting, affordable and accessible to millions of learners across the Globe.