EdTech accelerator EduGild, which is run by the Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune, has selected five startups – Edvantics, KnowHassles, Musein, Vidya Robotics and TrisLabs for its fourth batch.

The global edtech startup accelerator will create a customized ecosystem to scale up these selected edtech startups from September 2017.

Edvantics, KnowHassles, Musein, Vidya Robotics and TrisLabs get selected for EduGild’s fourth accelerator batch

The startups for the fourth batch were selected from an application long tail of 250+ companies. The selected startups will be a part of an intensive 4-6 months of EDUGILD’s business acceleration program designed by global experts and have an extended 12-18months of relationship.

Mr Rishi Kapal, Global Strategist and CEO of the EdTech accelerator EduGild, says, “The uniqueness of this batch is the diversity of the startups – ranging from robotics, artificial intelligence, overseas education consultants, virtual labs, creative learning into Film, TV, performing arts, design. EDUGILD aims to support impressive talent that employs the latest technologies to address education-related challenges and expand existing markets or create new markets globally.”

EDUGILD will offer an access to co-working space, product life cycle management support, organization development inputs, business landscape, investor relations, UI/UX maturity, PR strategy and global scale-up opportunities to them.

All these edtech startups are aligned to EDUGILD’s thought (Vision) of “Revenue first and Funding Later”. The fourth batch will go through a diagnostic boot camp on 8th and 9th Sept in Pune. Subject matter experts in relevant domains will work 1:1 with the companies to figure out their needs and action plans.

With the launch of the 4th batch, EDUGILD now has a bouquet of 21 edtech startups of which 6 are from overseas and the rest from India. EDUGILD’s program spans across multi-disciplinary engagements, customized for each startup. From the co-horts edtech startups Simulanis, Gradopedia, Classboat, Ahhaa, YoScholar, ProctorEdu have already raised funds and overall the entire portfolio of companies are scaling up well. EDUGILD has also expanded its partnership horizons to cross borders with EPG UK, Edtech Israel, JMD EDU China and strategic alliances in USA and Australia.

Below is the brief about each startup:

Edvantics (Hyderabad)

Edvantics is a technology company that offers cloud-based analytics as a service to colleges for tracking and monitoring various metrics related to their students, faculty, programs, finance and operations. The startup was founded by ISB Alumni and Ex Microsoft employees, to help educational institutes and students across K-12 and Higher Education to realize their maximum potential and succeed. HEDNext is the initial flagship offering from Edvantics geared for institutes to manage quality and improve faculty productivity. The platform brings together institutes, students, campus recruiters and skill providers to benefit from AI based recommendations in selecting right jobs, candidates, courses and careers.

KnowHassles (Mumbai)

Founded by a problem solver and serial entrepreneur KnowHassles EdApt intends to provide accurate solutions to international students’ everlasting problems related to the settlement in a foreign land in the form of a concise mobile app. The mobile app displays perfect combination of vital information about necessary on arrival processes, social networking based value-added services, student-specific product marketing & e-commerce shopping experience.

Musein (Bengaluru)

Founded by an IIM Kozhikode and IIT Madras alum, ex KPMG professional, Musein is a learning and mentorship community for people interested in creative areas like Film, TV, performing arts, design etc with access to-

Online Courses: Rich quality courses developed by experts in respective creative fields ranging from basic to advanced level

Mentorship: Mentors with prior experience to provide necessary support and guidance through consultation sessions, and full-fledged mentorship programs

Vidya Robotics (Pune|Aurangabad)

Vidya Robotics is a consumer electronics company which is developing a host of educational robots for children’s edutainment. Their products aim at enhancing STEM skills in young minds above 8 years and making learning a fun activity for them. Using principles of Robotics, AI & IoT, our Robots and kits help children receive an early exposure to technology, coding and electronic hardware.

TrisLabs (Bengaluru)

The founders being BITS Pilani alumni and ex Avaya, TrisLabs is the first collaborative online learning platform that unifies practical and theoretical learning by providing “on the go” virtual labs, helping students, teachers, universities and Industry. Their story is about making higher education a fascinating process – Transformation from burning a costly Electronic hardware to simulating over the internet, from environment dependent system to platform agnostic simulating environment.


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