They teach you lots and are part of the academic journey. But sometimes exams overtake your entire schedule and writing essays is not leisure you can afford.

Thankfully some services do it for you. But the trust issue is huge – considering most take your money and give you bad quality work. Today we’ve decided to analyze a good essay service, to give you an idea of how it should work.

EssayPro is entirely legitimate service. We will analyze it in this article to see how such platforms work and if you should trust them.

Why EssayPro is best

The ‘Human’ Factor

Before ordering an essay from any site, make sure you speak with the support first.  A common thing you’ll get is bots answering your chat messages. That is extremely annoying and doesn’t get things done.

EssayPro’s team, however, seems to be very human indeed. They respond to chat messages rather promptly, connecting you with live support who can help.

Finding What You’re Looking For

Every student goes in thinking that their essay is a special snowflake. Do these services even write essays like mine? Chances are: yes. Once you fill in their price calculator, they have a lengthy list of writers sorted by their academic proficiencies. For a service that writes essays, there is a wealthy choice indeed.

As you browse through the catalog, you’ll find narrative writers, science journal writers, business writers and much more. Once you see a suitable writer, EssayPro connects you to them directly.

But They All Have Stock Images. Can I Trust Them?

Absolutely. These writers use stock images for anonymity, just like you are. Some of them are university professors making an extra penny by writing essays. If their colleges learn that they do so, they might face the penalty of expulsion.

But more becomes clear after you write to them and speak to them directly. From the tone of their writing, you’ll easily tell whether they are proficient in the English language. Talk to them and state your requirements – they’re quite chatty.

What If They’re Uneducated People

You’ll note that these writers speak English pretty well. Some of them have graduated colleges in the UK and the US, and it shows so on their profiles. However, other services say the same thing on their writers’ pages. Again, this becomes clear when you hire them and speak to them.

The first thing an essay writer should ask for are drafts of your work. If you stumble on a service which doesn’t – don’t bother. We’ll tell you why later.

Next, within a day you’ll get a full outline, detailing the sources used in your essay. From then on, it should be visible where your paper is going.

My Draft is bad!

Most services take your money, give you bad drafts, and that’s it. EssayPro stands out because they give you full control of your finances. If the writer sends you a bad draft, you may either cancel the order or request a different one. Unlimited drafts.

This is an option not many services are willing to implement. It shows that EssayPro truly cares about quality, and giving the client exactly what they wish for.

The Essay Is Good, But Will It Sound Like My Writing?

Remember when we said a writer should always ask for a copy of your work? They do this to match your writing style. Many essay services implement this strategy, and EssayPro isn’t an exception. You may request them to edit the paper as much as is needed for it to be perfect.

Professors are very picky – they are usually familiar with their students’ work. Therefore handing in a lousy essay from a minor service will earn you a plagiarism mark. Two of those and you’re out of college. Yikes!

Are Essay Services Safe?

Most services avoid encrypting data such as chats and financial transactions. They do not respect the anonymity of clients as much as EssayPro does. With this app, both you and the writer remain entirely anonymous. The “read before paying” function guarantees you will never waste your money.

But as safe as they may be, nothing beats good old fashioned learning and writing. Essays are part of your academic journey, and however hard they may be – they always teach you something. We’d recommend using such services only in life or death situations.


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