Five Job Titles Which Could Become Extinct Courtesy of AI Technology

In recent years, automation and artificial intelligence have emerged as dominant forces in the world of work, significantly impacting various professions. While AI has opened new avenues, many people wonder about the long-term effects it might have on work-life. With technological advancements paving the way for automation, many industries are witnessing unwelcome changes with once-secure jobs potentially becoming extinct.

Websites such as Joe Fortune have significantly disrupted the traditional gambling industry, as their platform allows one to play online casino for real money from the comfort of their own home rather than in a brick-and-mortar establishment. But they are not the only technological advancements shaking things up in the modern world. AI technology is also poised to make an impact in several industries, and some job titles may disappear as a result.

The rise of new automated technology capable of performing routine tasks is already transforming industries such as finance, insurance, and manufacturing. While artificial intelligence offers convenience and efficiency for many businesses, it is also important to consider the ramifications for those whose jobs are at risk, of which there are many. While it is important for companies to remain financially sustainable, there are also human and ethical elements that need to be considered, and those who AI may very well replace in years to come must be considered.

As AI technology continues to evolve, it is uncertain which other job titles could soon become obsolete. With, however, here are five titles that we feel could be the first on the chopping block.

Data Entry Clerks

Data entry clerks are the people who input data into databases, spreadsheets, or other computer programs. However, advances in OCR (optical character recognition) technology over the years have made it possible to scan documents and extract data without the need for human intervention. Today’s AI systems can even learn to recognize handwriting and other non-typed text with incredible accuracy.

This means that the role of data entry clerk is becoming increasingly obsolete, and, in the future, this task will become automated in nearly every industry.


Another job that may be eliminated is telemarketing, which many of us find particularly unpleasant. Companies may now automate processes like cold calling, lead nurturing, and client relationship management using advanced AI algorithms. These resources could enable AI-driven telemarketing to completely replace human telemarketers.

There are already AI programs that can fully replicate humans providing authentic voices and even human-like characters for video calls and other forms of communication. Unfortunately, it is only a matter of time until such programs replace those employed within the telemarketing sector if they haven’t already.

Bank Clerks

With mobile banking on the rise, and other cashless payment methods becoming more common, there may soon come a time when bank branches and their clerks are no longer required. Furthermore, if AI-driven customer services systems continue to develop, the roles of bank clerks, cash disbursals, and other such services will also fall under the realm of automation.

Retail Workers

Whether it is in the form of self-service checkout systems or autonomous robot assistants, retail spaces are already starting to adopt automation. The retail industry, like many others, is in the process of transitioning to an AI-driven future. From inventory management to customer service, AI can automate a variety of jobs in retail and although retailers will always need human staff in some capacity, many of the mundane jobs like stocking shelves or processing sales transactions will most likely be gone soon.

Social Media Managers

While only a few years ago, there was plenty of doubt about social media’s potential influence on businesses, today there can be no question of the power and influence of apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Management systems within the industry have become an essential part of most marketing departments, but AI tools and systems are coming up to replace many aspects of their job.

Some of these tools analyze social media data, as well as draw insights for marketing campaigns and automatically publish posts. Unfortunately for Social Media Managers algorithms that can do the same job faster and more accurately may well replace them. One only needs to take a look at Twitter, which has laid off 80% of its staff since being purchased by billionaire Tesla owner Elon Musk.


The job titles are just a few examples, but they show how swiftly AI is developing into a more sophisticated and effective technology. The likelihood of repetitious jobs being automated first depends on how quickly those jobs can be taught. On the plus side, the AI revolution could lead to the creation of jobs that we haven’t yet thought of.

While we cannot predict or control the advancement of AI technology and its boundary conditions, one thing for sure is that we should never stop reskilling and adapting to the dynamic market that we have today. It`s up to us to navigate this complexity and to make it an opportunity for growth, unlocking our full potential as workers and agents of our own destiny.

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