Google acquires Bangalore based Artificial Intelligence startup Halli Labs to fix old problems

U.S. based tech giant, Google has acquired a newborn artificial intelligence startup Halli Labs to fix an old problem using artificial intelligence. The Bangalore-based firm has been founded just four months back by former StayZilla employee Pankaj Gupta and Pradhuman Jhala. Pankaj Gupta, who founded Halli Labs and holds CEO position, was the chief technology officer at Stayzilla, while Jhala was the chief architect.

Google acquires Bangalore based Artificial Intelligence startup Halli Labs to fix old problems

“Halli Labs was founded with the goal of applying modern AI and ML techniques to old problems and domains — in order to help technology enable people to do whatever it is that they want to do, easier and better.,” the company said in a blog.

“We will be joining Google’s Next Billion Users team to help get more technology and information into more people’s hands around the world.” it added.

Google executive, Caesar Sengupta also announced the acquisition on Wednesday via Twitter. However, the financial details remain undisclosed.

Pankaj Gupta, an Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi, and Stanford University alumnus, has previously worked with Twitter in San Francisco, US, for more than five years. Later, he joined the Indian hospitality start-up Stayzilla. At the same time, Pradhuman Jhala has worked with Pankaj at Twitter and Stayzilla.

With this acquisition, Halli Labs becomes the latest AI startup to be snapped by a technology giant after a spate of similar acquisitions by firms such as Microsoft, Facebook, Apple among others.

Some of the things Halli Labs has been working on includes “speed recognition” and natural language processing. It never shipped any technologies to consumers as the company is just four months old.

Google’s Next Billion Users initiatives include products such as YouTube Go, Google Station, Android Go, and more. The initiative, appropriately, is about reaching and bringing on the internet’s next billion users.