Google Nexus 5 Red variant might launch in this valentine season

We had too much rumor about the Google Nexus 5 earlier this week. The evidence become much stronger when we saw an internal document in which company was informing its internal employees that the product will go online on 4th of February.

Earlier an image was caught on camera somewhere in Vietnam.  It was also reported that the red Nexus 5, along with a yellow flavored sibling, will be launching in Vietnam this February or March. However, there was no info on international availability or other color variants.

Once again the device has been leaked. The serial gadget leakester @eveleaks yesterday has shared an image of the Nexus 5 looks like a believable shot only for press.

Google Nexus 5 Red variant might launch in this valentine season

There is no guarantee that the company will launch it on 4th February but still we have a strong believe if the info comes from a reputed Gadget leakester the @eveleaks

So if you love red and haven’t grabbed a colorful smartphone, you may soon get a new red variant of Nexus 5 in that color. Even you can gift this to your dear one as Valentine’s Day coming soon.

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