Before the invention of the internet, there were very few global stars. These days it seems if you’re famous in one country, then you could be recognised across the world. Here’s how the internet has allowed national entertainment to go global.

Follow sport from around the world

Back just a few years ago, you would have been lucky if you could have found a way to watch your own team’s game on TV without having to go to the game in person. As there were just a couple of satellite channels each showing only a couple of games from the top leagues in the country, it’s highly likely that you’d have to wait weeks if not months to see your team on television. If you support a team in one of the lower leagues, you might not even be able to watch your team play on TV unless they do particularly well in a cup competition.

These days, pretty much every football game is being filmed and broadcast on the internet. As these games are shown online, pretty much anybody can watch any game that’s happening anywhere in the world. As well as being able to watch the games, you can even bet on those games as well. For example, you can get Eerste Divisie betting odds across The Netherlands, Europe or even the rest of the world. You don’t have to pay a premium to bet on a sport in a different country, so you can still enjoy all of the best odds that other supporters would who live closer to the team.

Watch different country’s versions of TV shows

As well as sport, there are lots of different TV shows being broadcast online as well. That means that people are no longer restricted to only watching the television that is broadcast in their home country. In fact, the international versions of some TV shows are sometimes more popular than the ones made by the country you live in. For example, The Great British Bake Off took the world by storm when it was first broadcast in Britain a few years ago. Even though many countries made their own baking shows, and even began making their own versions of Bake Off, the original version still often had much higher numbers of viewers. 

Vloggers and influencers can now influence the whole world

Of course, some entertainers make their content solely for the online world. People like vloggers, Instagrammers and podcast makers have a huge potential audience at their fingertips. Some of the most popular stars in these fields have millions of followers from all across the globe.

This means that they can secure brand deals with some of the biggest brands in the world, rather than just advertising companies that are local to them. Lots of brands recognise the power of influencers and that a single post could make them a lot of money, so are happy to keep paying these online celebrities a lot of money to endorse their products.


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