More than a half of million people are currently benefitting from the amazing advent of India’s mobile technology by connecting to one another on their mobile devices on a daily basis. Without a doubt, the internet has allowed us to get easy access to a variety of wonderful platforms and services that would have been otherwise completely out of reach. The gambling industry is, by far, one of the big winners here, with special emphasis on the most recent wave of mobile gambling. If you already have your own view of what the best mobile casino in India is at the moment, you are most likely familiar with the mobile gaming trend in the country. According to a report issued by The Week, you wouldn’t be the only one. Four out of 10 Indian Internet users do their gambling online. The same report conclusions also hint that the nation might soon overtake the UK when it comes to the numbers of casino gamblers per capita. Moreover, it would appear that 8 out of 10 Indians of the adult age engage in a form of gambling on a yearly basis.

Let’s find out more about the way casino apps for smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other mobile devices are currently influencing the direction of gambling online in India.

Why Are Mobile Casino Apps Growing In Popularity In India?

Just like in any other part of the world where everything is going mobile, smaller, faster, and more accessible by the day, mobile casino gambling in India is simply following the global trends and making its presence felt in the lives of passionate players and punters here. Mobile casino apps allow players to place their real money bets and win real money earn just the way they would do while playing in a regular online casino on a desktop computer or a laptop. The main difference comes from the fact that all the heated action is taking place on a hand-held mobile device connected to the Internet for even more convenience and comfort.

Indian gamblers who use mobile casino apps can easily download their preferred casino apps and engage in fun, classic table games like poker, baccarat, or blackjack, as well as video poker and progressive slots with amazing themes and huge jackpots. Many casinos and sports betting platforms also allow punters and gamers to enjoy a good punt while on the go, from any remote location, thus making sure they will never miss out on a bet with good odds simply because they are not sitting in front of a desktop.

Mobile gambling apps also allow players to make their bets using a variety of India-compatible banking solutions online, including the popular UPI, internet banking, e-wallets, or debit and credit cards.

Popular Casino App Games Preferred By Indians Players

Rummy and Teen Patti are two of the most popular card games preferred by players in the country. Live Teen Patti games that can be played with the help of a casino app are particularly appreciated for the highly realistic casino experience they unleash thanks to the presence of the skilled and attractive dealers and the glam behind the action.

Casino apps that allow players to access their favourite Rummy games are fun since they allow players to choose the most fun game characters and play online with other Indian or global players, letting their level of skill and luck decide whether they win or lose a game.

Indian Flush, Roulette, Andar Bahar, and Blackjack are other sought-after games that all casino apps in India are known to host.

Can You Find These Gaming Apps On Google Play Store?

Since Google has decided to exclude India from the list of accepted countries where gambling apps are permitted in its most recent policies, some players might have a difficult time coming across casino apps they can download and use. The main reason behind this decision is strongly related to the fact that Indian state governments have issued a set of directives meant to prohibit these gaming apps. We can mention Paytm and their pioneer games that were blocked for reasons that they have violated the terms of service issued by Google. However, there are still plenty of popular gambling apps that are offered by online casinos, no matter if they are companies exclusively dedicated to players here or companies that cater to a few different markets, simultaneously. Casino apps in India allow players to engage in their favourite games straight on their smartphones or tablets and bet and win rupees.

There are also plenty of sports betting apps that allow punters to wager on their preferred games of cricket, tennis, or horse racing and potentially win and cash out their winnings in rupees.

Will Some Indian State Governments Continue To Block Gambling Apps?

Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Punjab are just a few of the states whose government officials have decided to place the use of casino apps outside the law, mainly because of the potential risks associated with gambling. With a few websites which falsely claim to offer legitimate and safe services that still need to be subject to better regulations, the future might still be sitting under a question mark when it comes to casino apps there.

However, Indians are slowly, but surely making the switch from regular online gambling to casino app wagering and the advanced mobile technologies and lower smartphone and data prices are making the future of this industry look brighter than ever.


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