The introduction of Pay N Play has started to revolutionise how online casinos operate and how players access their favourite games. Pay N Play offers an incredibly unique opportunity for both the player and the online casino as it allows an individual to make a deposit and start playing immediately. The development of Pay N Play is very exciting, however, most online casinos have yet to adopt any Pay N Play features. This then raises the important question of how secure Pay N Play really is. This article will seek to offer a potential answer to this question of how secure Pay N Play is from a number of different viewpoints.

Pay N Play is Still in Its Early Stages

Pay N Play options at online casinos have already proven to be very successful, yet it is still in its infancy. Most online casinos across the world are yet to adopt Pay N Play features on their respective websites, and this is mostly because certain licensing companies, online gambling authorities, and official regulatory bodies have not yet approved Pay N Play.

Authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority are yet to recognise Pay N Play as a feature that major online casinos can take advantage of, but that is likely to change in the future. Pay N Play has proven to be very successful elsewhere in the world such as Finland and has become an increasingly popular method of playing at online casinos because of how quick it is to get stuck in. As the pressures start to mount on online casinos around the world that have not yet adopted Pay N Play measures, it is simply a matter of time before they are allowed to include these features.

Pay N Play is an Attractive Way to Play

The pressures being placed on official bodies and the online casinos themselves with regards to Pay N Play are starting to be very noticeable, as more and more players simply want to get playing without the added hassle. Pay N Play allows a player to enter an online casino, make a deposit with a quick and easy payment of their choice usually Trustly and get playing immediately.

That means there is no extra hassle for the player to input their details and verify their identity before they get to play, which can be a very drawn-out and longwinded process. Pay N Play is and remains secure because it ticks a lot of boxes from the perspective of the operator. Once a player makes a deposit through an initial payment, that individual’s details will be collected for them behind the scenes. The online casino will still get a hold of the player’s personal details through their chosen method of payment, meaning the same information is collated without being time-consuming. This also negates any need for an added layer of ID verification as the player’s identity will be confirmed through their method of payment.

Another added bonus to Pay N Play which may make it a secure way of playing at online casinos is that there is no need for a player to make continuous withdrawals whenever they visit and leave the online casino’s website. This means that once a player decides to leave their online casino, their overall balance will remain the same and there is no need for them to make a withdrawal every single time. The player’s balance will remain the same as they leave the website and will be there waiting for them once they decide to revisit the online casino. This makes the Pay N Play feature a potentially secure option because it limits the number of unnecessary transactions and the transference of payment information that is required with most other types of online gambling.

Essentially, the thing that makes Pay N Play such an attractive feature and a likely addition to the majority of online casinos in the near future is its ability to make the experience of using online casinos a lot more streamlined and easily accessible. Pay N Play will arguably become one of the underlying features for a lot of the top online casino providers simply because of the added benefits for both the player and the operator. Pay N Play could be a secure way to make the most out of an online casino experience, both in the sense of how the feature operates and also its future as a cornerstone of many online casinos.


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