The casino industry has come a long way since penetrating the online market in the 90s. Today, millions of players can access classic and modern casino games online, although that hasn’t scared away land-based operators. Even better, smartphone technology is taking the industry to the next level.

With 5G and other smartphone technologies hitting the market, people are playing casino games on their phones more than ever. As a result, modern video game developers are releasing casino games with mobile-compatible versions to cater to the growing market. That’s because most people spend at least 75% of their day with their mobile phones. However, most heavy smartphone gamers find a hard time choosing a phone that will allow them to play at JackpotCity Online Casino from table games and video poker to slots and progressive jackpots, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at this online casino

Here’s how you can choose the best smartphone to have a nice time in online casinos.

Android vs. IOS

The system requirements are the first thing to consider when buying a smartphone to enjoy online gambling activities. Fortunately, mobile compatible slots are HTML5-based, meaning you can access them from your phone’s internet browser. However, if your casino uses Flash, ensure you’ve got the latest version installed.

Both Android and IOS smartphones are excellent options, and whichever is best will depend on personal preference. Those who choose to go with IOS devices should consider any device operation on iOS or newer to smooth the gameplay. Android 7.0 Nougat or a new version should also work excellently with most games for those who choose Android Smartphones.


In smartphone gaming, the display is a crucial factor as it affects your experience as a user. For instance, you can choose between ultra-high definition and quad high-definition, although they’re both great. However, the more pixels that a screen display features, the better the graphics appear. Fortunately, the screen will be closer to you when playing on a phone than playing on a PC or TV. That means you can see the gameplay in greater detail, making high-quality graphics crucial.

Memory RAM

Most high-quality online casino games require 4GB RAM to run the HD graphics and other elements. Of course, any smartphone with over 4GB RAM is worth buying for gamers, but remember that some games might lag in lower RAMs. Fortunately, there are many affordable smartphones with a $GB Ram or better.


Nobody likes the battery dying out while enjoying your favorite game. Even worse, games are power-intensive applications that require a lot of power to keep the screen, speakers, and microphone running throughout your gameplay. These processes require a device that can handle such power demands, lasting anywhere between 12 hours to a couple of days. After all, you don’t always have access to a charging port, although your smartphone is always around you. A power bank might also be worth considering, although a good smartphone should handle the power demands.

Bottom Line

The display, battery life, and RAM are the most crucial factors for gamblers to consider when buying a smartphone to play online games. You can choose the operating system based on your preference, considering that Android and iOS both operate the same when playing games. However, Android smartphones are more affordable than iOS devices.


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