How to completely uninstall WP Super Cache Plugin from WordPress site

Caching is awesome to speed up a website and WP Super Cache Plugin is another great cache Plugin that gets your job easily done. This incredibly reduces the CPU usage that occurs due to heavy traffic and boosts your website’s speed. But, sometime WP Super Cache may break WordPress site depending on its compatibility with themes and other Plugins used and the overall configuration of this caching Plugin.

If you are sure that WP Super Cache Plugin is causing a problem for your website or simply you want to install any other WordPress caching Plugin, then make sure that you uninstall WP Super Cache Plugin the right way. Otherwise, it may put your WordPress website in trouble.

To uninstall WP Super Cache Plugin, you don’t need to do anything just check the caching off button and save. Next, you need to deactivate & delete the WP super cache from your Plugin directory.  It will automatically remove all the files and folders. But, if you are using mod_rewrite rules for caching then WP Super Cache Plugin requires little attention. Because in mod_rewrite modes, this plugin adds some codes in htaccess and wp-config file. And as soon as you disable, it WP Super Cache Plugin leaves those codes there.

When you install WP Super Cache Plugin then it creates two folders and two files (listed below) respectively.

All files are stored in (public_html>wp-content>plugins>WP-Super-Cache and public_html>wp-content>Cache) folders. Whereas, the Cache & Configuration files are available in (public_html>wp-content>Advanced-cache.php and public_html>wp-content>WP-cache-config.php).

As above we mentioned, there are some codes that you have to check in Htaccess file and WP-config files.

So, how are we going to uninstall? Relax, in this tutorial, we are going to help you to uninstall WP Super Cache Plugin from your WordPress website completely.

Step 1: Disable cache

  • Go to Settings » WP Super Cache. Under the Easy tab, turn Caching off and click on update status button.
  • Now click on Plugins option from the left & click on Deactivate option of WP-Super-Cache.
  • After deactivation WP Super Cache Plugin. Click on Delete to delete WP Super Cache Plugin.
  • On next screen, you will see confirmation screen to remove WP Super Cache Plugin click on Yes, delete these files button.
  • Now WP-Super-Cache Plugin has been successfully uninstalled from your WordPress site. But

With the above procedure, we have already removed Cache folder, Wp-Cache-config.php, Advanced-Cache.php & WP-Super-Cache folders.

Before we proceed to the next step, we recommend you to backup your site’s Htaccess file & Wp-config file.

Step 2: Delete the codes

  • To delete the codes from Htaccess file & Wp-config file, login to your CPanel account
  • Click on file manager and go to your Public_html folder
  • Select and edit htaccess file & remove all code that start & end with-
# Begin WPSuperCache
# End WPSuperCache
  • Click on Save
  • Now select and edit Wp-Config file & remove code similar to this

How to completely uninstall WP Super Cache Plugin from WordPress site

  • After removing code, Save the file

We have completely removed WP-Super-Cache Plugin from the WordPress website. If you have W3 total cache and would want to know how to uninstall that completely, read our tutorial here.

Hope you find this article helpful. Do share your feedback through the comment section.