Almost 2.5 billion people of the 7.5 billion that live on the planet, play games regularly. This growth in popularity is associated with the technological development of games, as well as with interactivity and wide opportunities for finding new acquaintances. If you visit resources like Game Karma you will be definitely impressed by the number and the variety of games.

A few facts about the gaming world

The gaming industry is only expanding as games become an increasingly important part of entertainment around the world. It is worth noting that in recent years, the revenues of the gaming industry exceeded even the revenues of the world film distribution, amounting to about 135 billion dollars. The largest segment of players are smartphone and tablet users, in second and third place are those who play on game consoles and PCs, respectively.

Moreover, the gaming industry is becoming more attractive to cybercriminals. Among the reasons that contribute to this is the constant growth of the number of game lovers, the wide range of methods of monetizing attacks, and the large sums that are directed to this industry.

There are reports that gamers have become victims of malicious attacks. For example, scammers can disguise adware as legitimate applications. There are also cases when attackers used vulnerabilities in game services to carry out phishing attacks aimed at stealing bank data from user accounts.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the security issues while playing online to get only a positive experience without any troubles.

Online gaming and security 

If you want to enjoy your gaming time, follow the simple rules:

  • Use trusted download resources. When downloading a game from an unofficial website or forum, there is a high probability of getting infected with malware, so it is better to use only verified resources.
  • Update your games regularly. Like any other software, games have vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit. To avoid this, you should regularly install the latest updates.
  • Do not post personal information. If you register on the gamer forums, you should not post real personal information. Use pseudonyms to keep your confidential data safe.
  • Use strong passwords for gaming platforms. Because passwords are often the only protection for accounts that contain sensitive information and banking data, it’s important that login combinations are complex and unique.
  • Do not add strangers to your friends’ list. Do not forget that friend requests can also be sent by criminals who are engaged in stealing cryptocurrency, trolling, or reselling game resources in the real world. Therefore, applications should be confirmed only by verified users.

At last, an equally important tool for protection is multi-level antivirus software. When using modern games that consume a lot of system resources of the device, it is important that the protection program does not affect the performance of the device and does not interfere with annoying notifications or pop-ups.

These rules are simple to follow. Moreover, they guarantee the proper level of cyber security and protection of your data and devices. Play and stay safe!


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