So, you are looking for proof disclosing that your husband is cheating on you, right? And that’s why you are here reading the article that says, how to track your husband’s phone without him knowing.

To begin with, there are plenty of paid and unpaid spying applications available in the market that guarantee to hack all sorts of phone data including the time without even letting the person know.

But do they really mean what they say? Do they really perform the job secretly? Do they really worth the money you spend?

You can probably use Spyine and see how well it can get the job done for you. Questions are common but to avoid such headaches we have certain lucrative options for you. Here we go.


Spyine has recently gained a lot of appreciation from the users. Its loaded features and rich benefits have grabbed the attention of the audience at one glance. Maybe that’s the reason why Spyine is shining with millions of users.

If you use Spyine, you will realise that it is rich with plenty of user-friendly features that help the women to track their husband’s whereabouts secretly and learn about their external affairs if any. 

The best thing is that they can perform this job without touching his phone or using a password.

Here we have listed down certain aspects that have made Spyine a dominated spying app.

Hidden spirit : Spyine makes use of stealth mode. This feature let the tracker track the targeted device without letting the target know about it. Spyine promises to keep this task top secret.

Web-based application: Spyine users are free to use this app with a browser. If you have internet connectivity, you can easily browse the Spyine dashboard and hack your husband’s phone data including his whereabouts.

100% secured data: Spyine never teases the data decoded from the targeted phone. It is kept secret with guaranteed privacy.

No rooting, no jailbreaking: Spyine denies root or jailbreak while tracking Android phone or iOS devices. The reviews on this spying app are there on the popular media outlets like TechRadar, Forbes, etc.

Here is how you can use Spyine for tracking your husband’s phone secretly? Using Spyine involves just 3 steps:

  1. Creating a Spyine account with an email ID or iCloud credentials
  2. Installing Spyine application on the targeted device secretly
  3. Opening the Spyine dashboard using a web browser.

Spyine requires less than 3MB data space. For Android devices, it shares the hacked data on your email. While for iOS devices, it simply uploads the data on iCloud. Use Spyine and track your husband’s phone secretly.


When you are talking about spying apps or hacking the phone’s data, Spyier is what you must not miss. The spying app has privileged many women willing to track their husband’s phone in a very secret way.

Spyier has a stealth mode feature that ensures secretly performing the tracking job. To prove its authenticity, it denies using rooting or jailbreaking methods while spying on the mobile device.

The application, when installed in the targeted device, remains hidden from the owner, though working in the background with full perfection. Unless and until you tell your husband about your spying trick, he will never come to know about this in any way.

Coming to data security, Spyier never uses the hacked data in the wrong way. Just like the privacy of data matters to you, Spyier values your data in the same way. It employs extra security measures to keep the data secure within the system.

Spyier’s app size being less than 2MB takes hardly a minute to install in any Android or iOS devices. Just try this out and review it.


Minspy is another popular spying application that has mesmerized the audience with its extraordinary features. You can find a review of this app on popular media platforms like PCMag, Forbes, and so on.

Features that have made Minspy, one of the famous phone tracking apps in the market include stealth mode, no rooting, no jailbreaking, data security, web-based application, and user-oriented interface. Trust us, Minspy covers a wide area.

The performance of this app is not just confined to tracking real-time location. But it even hacks the keyloggers that include social media messages, text messages, call logs, and installed applications on the device.

It doesn’t matter whether your husband uses an Android smartphone or an iPhone. No matter how expensive the phone is and how powerful the phone’s security is, you can use Minspy to track your husband’s phone without him knowing.


Looking for a spying app that includes sparkling features to track someone’s phone with proper security? If yes, Spyic should be your answer.

Unlike the other paid applications, Spyic account is free to create and offers affordable premium packages to use the app. 

From call logs to WhatsApp messages, the app is a jewel for those who desperately want to view their husband’s phone data.

Spyic deals with a user-oriented interface that allows the users to find their desired spying feature easily from the Spyic dashboard. Just you need to switch on to the dashboard from the browser and select the feature you need to track.

Spyic is very good at spying phone’s data. And at the same time, it keeps the data secure instead of sharing it in the public. Its stealth mode feature helps the app to perform this job with more perfection.


When you are done with the above-mentioned applications and you need something much more affordable, Cocospy can be your spying partner for the moment.

Cocospy is considered one of those actively used spying applications across the web. In fact, the biggest media outlets have covered its story on their platform that speaks about authentic reviews. 

Not just in performance, from the price point of view as well Cocospy is cheaper than other spying applications.

Just try this out.

  1. Create a Cocospy account either by using email ID for Android targets or by using iCloud credentials for iOS targets.
  2. Don’t forget to download and install the app on your husband’s phone.
  3. And finally sign in to the Cocospy dashboard for tracking your husband’s phone and hacking his data.

Cocospy is easy to handle just you need to learn the process. You could also view more info about tracking your husband’s phone without him knowing on Neatspy.

Wrapping up

Spyine is incredibly the best spying option you can ever have. However, the other four, Spyier, Minspy, Spyic, and Cocospy, are equally well-performed in the market today.

If you are planning to track your husband’s phone without him knowing, probably these five will be the best options to make your choice. We will suggest you try them out instead of making assumptions in air, probably use Spyine.

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