2020 is here and if you’re looking for the best iPhone spy apps, you’re in for a treat. There’s a long list of spy apps available, but this article will make your life a lot easier. We have selected the top 5 iPhone spy apps that you can trust in 2020!

Today, there are a number of digital dangers that children or even adults face on social media. Sometimes, there’s no option left but to spy on your kids, employees or spouses. We are here to brief you about these 5 apps and give you details on their features and security. 

Cracking an iPhone is near to impossible. Their security and system are very tight. But with these below-mentioned apps, specially designed to hack iPhones, you can trust them to work wonders in terms of spying. Visit Clickfree site to learn more. 

  1. Cocospy

Cocospy, a brilliant app in design and functionality, is very popular across many countries and has a crazy user base. A trustworthy and extremely reliable spy app, it is the best app for iPhone spying as the design is completely web-based. 

iPhone Spy App

This means, you can access this app from any browser; there’s no need to download the app on the phone. Cocospy’s exclusive features and smooth working makes up for the large consumer base they have. 

How to spy on iPhone with Cocospy? Let’s see. This no.1 leading iPhone spy app is very quick to install. All you have to do is follow these three steps:

  • Go to the Cocospy website and make your account using an existing email id. 
iPhone Spy App for you
  • You can access the app from any browser. As said earlier, you don’t need to install it. Enter the iCloud credentials of your target and phone type.
iPhone Spy App for everyone
  • Let the information sync and you’ll see a control panel on the Cocospy dashboard. From there, you’ll have access to all the features. Start spying!
iPhone Spy App for 2020

Famous in over 190+ countries with millions of trusted users, Cocospy provides a user-friendly interface with full security and 100% discretion. There’s no need to worry because Cocospy leaves behind nothing to let your target know.

The best features of Cocospy are as follows:

– No need to root/jailbreak the device. 

– The unique range of features like an Instagram spy, FB spy and other social media activity, SMS tracker, call logs tracker, location tracking, website history, etc. 

– Features like in-built GPS tracker and geofencing which notifies the user if the target crosses some certain boundary and gives live updates on their location. 

– You can check their calendar events and notes as well.

Designed primarily for concerned parents, employees, and partners, you can look upon the Cocospy website to get your free live demo of the working of this app. Trust yourself why it’s so hyped and popular!

2. Minspy

Minspy is an amazing spying app, curated and designed for iPhone hacking and spying. With its popularity and reliability, it’s rising on the charts of top iPhone spying apps in 2020 that you can trust. 

It works discreetly and doesn’t require you to root or jailbreak the iPhone device. Like Cocospy, there’s no need to install the app on the phone too. It’s a web-based application accessible from any browser.

Using Minspy you can access your target’s contacts, call logs, timestamps of calls, deleted messages, social media activity, location and browser history. With Minspy’s keylogger feature, you can also track your target’s passwords. 

The advanced technology Minspy uses allows the users to work on a very user-friendly interface. Minspy is a really great app with rich features and a safe environment. 

As said before, it’s a web-based app, so open it from any browser and log in by creating your Minspy account. Enter the iCloud credentials of your target, choose an appropriate subscription plan and voila! Start using its extensive features to spy.

3. Spyic

Spyic is another iPhone spying app that tops the list in 2020. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that helps them gain popularity worldwide. Spyic has been recommended by the top media outlets like CNET.  

iPhone Spy App for 2020

You can use Spyic to spy on someone’s calls, contacts, phone history, location, social media interaction, sim card tracking, access their photos and notes and whatnot. The keylogger feature also lets you know whatever the target is typing. 

It’s highly compatible and there’s no need to root or jailbreak. You don’t even have to install the app on the iPhone. The customer service is very smooth and available all the time. You can definitely trust Spyic as it’s 100% secured and legit. 

Spyic is a very powerful spying software that you can trust to spy on iOS devices. The subscription plans are also reasonable. You should look up their website to get a free live demo of the app.

4. Spyier

Another great app to spy on someone having an iPhone, Spyier has tons of satisfied customers who can back the app for their reliability. However, Spyier requires you to root or jailbreak the device which can get dangerous. 

iPhone Spy App for 2020

Also, it’s a bit more expensive than Cocospy and Spyic so you might want to read up more and consider options for yourself. You should always choose a very reliable, known and trustworthy app because spying someone has to be a discrete task.

Otherwise, Spyier has decent features to work on and can get you access to the target’s phone. It includes all the basic monitoring features like a keylogger, GPS, remote commands, etc.

5. Guestspy

Guestspy is a popular and user-friendly iPhone spying app that tracks all the activities of your target’s phone without them letting you know. You can spy on their location, calls, contacts, social media accounts, website history, notes, etc.

You can restrict the target’s activity as Guestspy allows you to access their iPhones remotely with full security. Guestspy works in the best interest of its users. Though there is no live demo available, it is a great app to use. 

One drawback is that it only works on jailbroken devices, unlike Cocospy, Minspy, Spyier or Spyic. Hence, you should always consider your needs and then choose the right spying app for iPhones. 

With these top 5 iPhone spying apps, we’re sure you can find at least one that caters to all your needs. Have a safe and amazing spying experience with these brilliant spying apps.


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