This Japanese Startup will put a billboard on the Moon by 2020 and…

As much bizarre as it may sound, a Japanese Startup is gearing up to put a billboard on the moon. And, to accomplish this ‘herculean’ task it has raised hefty funding too. You would perhaps be baffled at how much they managed to get!

Japanese Startup iSpace Technologies Inc., announced its goal to launch a spacecraft into the lunar orbit by 2019, land on the moon by 2020 and build necessary infrastructure therein for a moon-based advertising business after concluding the Series A round of its venture funding.

Japanese Startup

iSpace got a massive $90 million boost to cover two space flights in 2019 and 2020. As soon as the Japanese Startup readies its spacecraft to safely land on the moon, it will then redefine digital marketing by setting up its billboard there, which will be given on lease to companies vying for their logo to be seen against the breathtaking backdrop of…um, the Earth.

According to Takeshi Hakamada, CEO, of iSpace “Human beings aren’t heading to the stars to become poor, that’s why it’s crucial to create an economy in outer space.”

Japanese Startup

The Japanese Startup managed to get its funding from major Japanese businesses including the likes of TV network Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings and Japan Airlines apart from the Development Bank of Japan and Innovation Network Corp. of Japan.

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Japanese Startup

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If you were to think that setting up a billboard on moon is the last frontier for iSpace, then you must be sorely mistaken. Starting 2021, the Japanese space startup also plans to utilize lunar exploration vehicles to search for water which will be turned into hydrogen fuel for supporting a lunar settlement.

Furthermore, iSpace has released a “2040 Vision Movie,” wherein it is depicted how life on the moon will look in a few decades from now as it is dotted with lunar refueling stations across its surface for supporting moon settlers as well as regular day trips to Earth.

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