Cloud communications provider Knowlarity has introduced “Knowlarity Artificial Intelligence Experience” (KATIE) platform that will provide advanced AI-powered telephony services to businesses.

AI in cloud communications makes the unthinkable possible by offering unparalleled insights and automation.

Knowlarity to offer AI-powered telephony services to businesses

It will act as a virtual representative, interacting personally with the customers of businesses and responding to their queries. AI and Analytics can track key business communication metrics and systems 24×7 while creating alerts immediately when anything anomalous happens, keeping the business completely secure.

“We have reimagined cloud telephony like never before and are set to create another disruption in the domain with the launch of our highly futuristic tool of AI-powered cloud telephony,” said Ajay Shrivastava, Chief Technology Officer of Knowlarity in a statement.

KATIE has been built specifically to enterprise scale that will allow to process a massive amount of data in near real-time using powerful backend services. In the frontend, it is enriched by a combination of AI based query & visualizations that enhance user ease and enriches user experience. KATIE is currently available to key customers of Knowlarity and will be made available to all of their Enterprise Customers shortly.

As a part of AI-powered services, the first service being offered through this suite is ‘Personalised Contextual Automated Calls’ powered by advanced next generation Text-to-Speech services.

Customers will have control over the pitch, accent, and language for every call and the conversation is individualized through the use of information from multiple databases, which provide accurate and detailed insights on the user.

Knowlarity is aiming to bring down operational costs, improve SLAs and unlock better operational efficiencies. Businesses in sectors such as brand campaigns, aggregate portal solutions, hospital/healthcare, real estate, education, banking, automobile, e-commerce, food & beverages, and courier services, in particular, are expected to benefit greatly from the product.


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