Virtual reality startup Nomadic has received $6 million in its seed round funding led by Horizons Ventures. The round of funding also saw participation from Maveron, Presence Capital, Vulcan Capital, and Verus International.

As per the statement released by the company, the funding will be utilized in team building, technology enhancement, and preparation efforts for global expansion.

Location-Based Virtual Reality Startup Nomadic Raises $6 Million from Horizons Ventures and others

“The reception that Nomadic has received for their proof of concept is phenomenal. Their ‘kit of parts’ model gives commercial spaces a mechanism to add value and foot traffic to their locations while offering consumers a top-of-the-line VR experience. We’re excited to support the efforts of this team, who has the background and expertise to drive the location-based VR sector,” said Phil Chen of Horizons Ventures.

Founded by veterans from the film, gaming, brand and retail sectors, Nomadic’s founding team each represents decades of applicable experience. With a background in technology, gaming, and visual effects contributing to franchises including Star Wars, The Mummy, and Pirates of the Caribbean, CEO Doug Griffin joins Nomadic following his management of two successful startups specific to the media and entertainment space.

“There’s currently a huge opportunity for out-of-home location-based VR. With the expertise and global reach of our funding partners, we have the support and resources to forge a new entertainment category, and a new medium for interactive storytelling,” said Doug Griffin, CEO of Nomadic.

The Bay Area-based Nomadic is focused on location-based VR, and aims to launch VR centers in malls and theaters. The company is focusing on modular sets to make it easy to quickly switch out experiences – much in the same way a theater may replace movies every couple of weeks.

Nomadic came out of stealth in March 2017 with the first public showing of its new model and medium of tactile, location-based VR adventures at CinemaCon. Following the positive reception from content and location partners and media, the company plans to launch its first-in-market experience by Q1 2018.

Nomadic isn’t the only company building locations for virtual reality entertainment. Imax launched a first VR center in Los Angeles earlier this year and announced the launch of a new VR center in New York this week. And location-based VR startup The Void plans to open multiple new locations this year.