Red Nexus 5 image appeared, Yellow nexus coming too

Red Nexus 5 image appeared, Yellow nexus coming tooAs earlier, we have informed about the new possible colorful variants of the Nexus 5. Later we came to know the actual video showing these new color options in the Play Store are no in real. Well, it seems there is still hope for new Nexus 5 flavors after all.

Today a red Nexus 5 model has appeared and was caught on camera somewhere in Vietnam.  The same got rumored to like the red Nexus 5 along with a yellow flavored sibling will be launching in Vietnam this February or March. However, there is no word on the international availability or other color variants.

LG had launched the white version of Nexus 4 after six months of the official release. So, we are sure those new colors will turn real against all odds.

If these new color options for the Nexus 5 are indeed real, we’ll probably know more about them in time for the MWC in Barcelona at the end of February. Samsung has a tradition of launching new colors or La Fleur editions of various models by February or March.


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