Samsung SM-Z9005 Tizen spotted on eBay for sale

The Samsung upcoming Tizen handset has appeared for sale on eBay. There were some Images of what is claimed to be one of Samsung’s upcoming Tizen handsets.


However, the listing has been taken off, but the two pictures have been scooped up. Alleged images said to be the Samsung SM-Z9005 phone which appeared for sale on eBay for some time.

Samsung-SM-Z9005-Tizen on ebay

But honestly, the alleged image of Tizen handset doesn’t have much difference from the typical Samsung style of phone-building. However, we have to wait till the company’s official announcement which is going to take place on February 23rd.

The important thing to be considered here is the operating system, of course, though seeing how important backers like Intel are hesitant to pour resources into it, Samsung might have an uphill battle to fire up the platform basically on its own.


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