Phones and shopping. No better combination out there, right? Shopping is now quicker and easier than ever and we are being able to do it from our home. Now it is very easy, even to compare the product on various online retailers. Millions of products are lying online in at a single tap where you can find all your needs. Mostly the most reliable and frequently used and quality services are where the focus of its customers would be.

You can now check out the latest price, discounts, special promotion reviews and lowest price from your smartphone. It doesn’t save only your time but also money that you will spend during the trip.

app on your smartphone

The technology has also enabled the online payment more secured, however, there are chances of online fraud but we suggest opting cash-on -delivery would be comfortable as almost e-commerce company provide the same.

Depending on our preferences for shopping our requirements and the app we need differ, we are listing here a couple of free android shopping apps (in India).

After the evolution of online door delivery in India its Flipkart that has been used by people to check for online deals to buy products from a huge category of items, be it electronics, books, apparels, shoes, accessories etc. With almost every area in India covered for door delivery with free shipping for any bill more than Rs.500.

It’s an easy way of shopping allowing people to choose for cash on delivery option also. PROVIDES WITH THE EXCITING OFFERS TOO.

Amazon is another shopping website which has its services all around the world in various countries and has made its place in India as well. Amazon is also like Flipkart having products like electronics, fabrics, accessories, interiors etc.

In Olx, we can post our advertisement and also buy the products available for sale. We can select our products with ease and while filling in the details have easy ways of selling the desired products to other customers.

Available for free, the ads can be premium as per the applied charges and also available for free but conditions apply.

Buy. Sell. Easy and convenient

Another app for selling the products online by individual owners and dealers allow them to easily insert photos and post ads within a minute or two. Quickr also offers the maximum selling price that guides or helps the owner to set the price for the product.

An online website that allows us to buy the products such as electronics, accessories, stationary, apparels etc. for comparatively lower prices.

An online website for apparels, shoes, shades, wallets, watches etc. It offers deals and coupons to the customers for shopping more often. It provides the display and details of the products available in attractive ways with discounts and also 30 days return policy, guaranteed for certain items.

Do you like to shop with eBay? You can install this app to access the world’s largest marketplace right on your smartphone. Like the Web version does, users can buy and sell items,  set up notifications, compare prices, and bid alerts to stay in touch with a deal.

Shopping, travel, tickets, events, restaurant related deals and coupons for various products and packages are available in Groupon.

Groupon app is a popular mobile app which brings you fresh local deals with real-time discounts every day, and it is even customizable to fit what you’re looking for. You can purchase and redeem deals straight from your smartphones and can easily track your coupons by expiration date and location.

The Indian railway’s app is used for buying tickets, knowing the PNR status, booked history and other railways related information. This app also prices for hotel booking and other packages and also gives coupons for offers in some products.

An app for booking bus tickets across the country, making choices for the wanted bus, its requirements, seat selection, pick up and dropping point and the place of travel. The ladies have a preference and are safe to travel as no male passenger would be allowed if there is an individual lady having the seat beside her vacant.

An application for booking tickets online anywhere and anytime. It is available all over the country in all the cities in almost all the theaters. It allows us to book tickets for movies and any events in the city.