Sports nutrition startup Daaki raises angel funding

Bengaluru-based sports nutrition startup DAAKI today said it has raised an undisclosed amount in an angel funding round from investor Rohan Agila (Business Partner, Capvent Advisors).

Sports nutrition startup Daaki raises angel funding

Daaki is a youth-oriented brand looking to manifest themselves as a brand that connects with real athletes and fitness enthusiasts. In order to give athlete nutrition beyond existing standards, the company plans to use newly raised capital in research and product development.

Commenting on his investment in the company, Rohan Agila said, “A company like Daaki is an innovator in itself. Be it design, be it quality, we have a strong hunch that they will push beyond their limits to deliver the best. We are honestly looking forward to working closely with the Daaki team as they are sure to expand the supplementary platform and grow into new markets very soon.”

Launched in 2013, Daaki India Pvt Ltd designs, manufactures and markets custom-made supplements. It offers a range of performance sports nutrition products, including protein-based workout supplements and muscle gainer supplements.

Amit Dabas, the founder of Daaki is a Business Analyst and has previously worked with companies like Wipro Technologies, Lloyds TSB and Iry Tech Pvt. Ltd. He translates his prior athletic experience along with 5 years of R&D period with manufacturers and application labs across India into building this totally new concept.

“Our very first task was to create a unique identity that would resonate with the consumers and at the same time get our supplementation ideas on the table. It is a fresh way to look at athlete’s food. Daaki has Re-Engineered sports nutrition. With our investors backing us strongly, we can get the message out for sure,” said Amit Dabas, the company founder.

The sports nutrition market is projected to make a significant growth in the near future and Daaki further plans to focus and expand its marketing operations pan India as well as overseas when they close next round soon.