Super Mario is a famous game character who is an Italian plumber created by a Japanese artist. Mario somehow became one of the most recognizable game characters of all times.

Do you know that Mario featured in more than 100 games? We can’t even imagine a video game world without a mustachioed man dressed in red and called Super Mario. But where does he come from? His story began in the early ‘80s when Nintendo was still a struggling card and toy company passionately trying to enter the market of arcade games. The first attempts of Nintendo were not successful. They resented the game called Radar Scope which was barely sold. The team started to create a new game. Nintendo’s president hires an artist Shigeru Miyamoto to design a game for the cabinets. Miyamoto was not a professional programmer. He had utterly different approach thinking of a story before starting work on the gameplay itself. It was the first time something like this happening in the history of video games. That is why Super Mario Games are so unique!

Super Mario Bros.

Explore Super Mario Games - Top ListingThis console game was created by Nintendo, the Japanese electronic game manufacturer in 1985. The following game, which is based on the arcade game Mario Bros., made it possible to launch the most popular gaming franchises. The story starts with Mario and Luigi, two Italian plumbers in the Mushroom Kingdom. They do their best to rescue Princess Toadstool from the evil King Bowser. The same is simple, but it is the best-selling game series. Nothing is surprising that the company sold more than 40 million copies. It is simply hilarious!

Super Mario Flash 2

Explore Super Mario Games - Top ListingThe remark of the hilarious game “Super Mario Flash 2” is here. Once again you have a wonderful opportunity to pass through many different levels. Together with Yoshi, you will have to face many dangers in this adventurous game. The control of the game is very straightforward. You will use the arrow keys on your computer to move and perform certain actions. The game mario flash 2 is the new version of the original “Super Mario Flash”. You will be happy to see new maps and special places included into the game where you can get golden coins and mushrooms as bonuses. Super Mario Flash 2 can be considered the most fun game to play from the entire Mario series.

Super Mario Bros. 3

Explore Super Mario Games - Top ListingMany fans were very disappointed with Super Mario Bros. 2. The third edition has nothing to compare. It is a big success! This game features exactly the same control similar to the original version. Do not think that it is just a copy. In fact, Super Mario Bros. 3 is the first game to feature the map of the world and inventory. Some power-ups were added as well. The gameplay is non-linear. Players are able to skip some unwanted levels, depending on the layout of the world map. Most of Mario’s fans consider this version to be the most excellent game of all times.

Super Mario World

Explore Super Mario Games - Top ListingThis game was released by Nintendo in 1990. An entirely new console was put. Obviously, Super Mario World is a big success. This game introduced Yoshi who is a beloved dinosaur friend of Mario. A speciality of this game is that levels with multiple solutions were included for the first time. It was the last and the main console sidescroller to star Mario until the games came along nearly 20 years later.

Super Mario 64

Explore Super Mario Games - Top ListingThe game Super Mario 64 belongs to the next generation of consoles. This game is 3D, and that means one thing – stunning exploration. Unlike previous Super Mario games, Super Mario 64 offers its fans many different tasks inside each level. This game set the primary standards for the 3D era of platforming, both concerning objectives and camera management.

This listing is just a tiny piece of Super Mario series. You can keep on exploring a wide variety of different careers besides platforming – a funny doctor in puzzle game “Dr. Mario”, a racing car driver in “Mario Kart”, and a strong fighter in “Super Smash Bros.”, etc. It is impossible to outline all Mario game in a single article, but the Mario games mentioned above will help you to explore such a memorable character.


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