The gaming industry has witnessed a lot of changes in the last few decades with development in technology. Since the mainstream development of video games in the 1980s, we have traveled a long road of development. The sale from the gaming industry is expected to reach over $140 billion in 2020 and the prime reason for this whopping growth is obviously the changes brought by the tech development. The way we look at the classic games has changed completely when we play them on online platforms. Modern tech has not only enriched the gaming experience by stimulating visualization of the games but it has opened a door for a new era of invention.

Playing mobile games is no lesser fun that playing at gaming consoles. Well, the comparison is exaggerated but it is true in many aspects. We had never imagined the quality and the invention in multiple gaming genres a few years ago. This invention is also noted in casino gaming. Online casinos are not new things. They are in existence for over twenty-five years and introduced a lot of new changes in the classic casino games. Slingo is among the most amazing merger of technology with the gaming world.

Slingo: The Invention by Merging Two Major Games

Online gambling platforms hire a professional team of developers to develop some interesting game variants with the touch of the invention so players can stay engaged. For example, bingo has various variants online for the user experience. The introduction of Slingo is also one of the great inventions with the help of technology.

As the name of the game suggest that it has a relation with bingo and slots, it is really a merger of bingo and slots. Not many of the online casinos offer this game but the users can play Slingo on Wink Bingo with some exciting bonuses and try the free version of the game as well. The existence of Slingo is only thanks to the internet so, it is not available at brick-and-mortar online casinos. This clearly shows that the development of new tech like the internet has made possible such invention of Slingo.

For many players out there, this game might be a naval thing, but it was developed by in the mid-90s (after the introduction of online casinos) by Dave Lyons and Sal Falciglia.

The Help of Technology in the Invention of Slingo

As we said, Slingo was created as an online game and it still resides at the internet casinos. The game is a deadly combo of bingo and slots which are already popular among the gamblers around the world. Slingo features reels that are extracted from the slot machines and it presents a card similar to a bingo card. The rule is simple, you need to spin the reel on the screen and it will RNG will generate random numbers, just like slots. Now similar to bingo, you need to check and cross the numbers as shown in the card. Now imagine, these things are not possible at the offline platform.

Why technology plays a big role in Slingo? Offline bingo is not possible to play a single-player game and slot is not a multi-player game. But the presence of Slingo at the internet has made it possible as it can be played with fellow players as well as against the house. This way, players have the advantage of experience this unique gameplay on the internet. At some popular online casinos, you may also witness the different kinds of Slingo to render even more distinctive gameplay to the customer with their own choice and interests in the high-quality visualization.

So, in this combination of bingo and video slots, you get a card on the screen similar to the bingo game. In the next step, you have to spin the reels to generate random numbers. The slot machine on the screen shall show a series of numbers on every spin and you need to check its similarity on the card given on the screen. If the number matches, you can cross them.

Technology in Slingo: The Future

The digital gambling world is dynamic and it knows how to accept the changes to render quality gameplay to the players. We can say that Slingo is also a new thing that is adopted by the online gambling industry. Just like poker, roulette, and blackjack, we can expect the application of virtual reality in Slingo too. When digital platforms are thriving the use of VR and HD video in multiple gambling games, we can expect that VR gameplay shall soon be available for Slingo. It would be an amazing experience to enjoy the bingo card and video slots in the VR headset with high-quality visualization.

Thus, we can say that the development of Slingo was not possible without the internet and high-quality graphics have enhanced the user’s experience even more.

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