Technology startup Teknophile founded by teens secures $25,000 in angel round funding

Hyderabad-based technology startup, Teknophile has raised $25,000 in its angel round of funding from a clutch of non-resident Indians (NRIs).

The startup is promoted by a group of young students, Saathwik Yadavalli-a class 12 student, who leads as CEO and Chief Design Officer. The other two members Akshar Yadavalli, an undergrad in Physics from the University of Texas and Abhiram Gaddam, who is pursing engineering from Colombia University. They together have developed an App called ProblemBolo which provide an interface between civic people and citizen for resolving their grievances.

The app enables citizen to take a photo of any civic or other problems. They can upload their grievance onto the platform, which will be shared with concerned department or officer, using geo-tagging and geo-fencing technologies to determine the corresponding department.

It acts as a watchdog and creates pressure groups based on similar complaints and generates activity charts to be sent to media outlets. The app even allows users to track their complaints’ status till they are resolved.

Teknophile’s ProblemBolo is a social empowerment application and the company claims to be scalable to any town or city in the world.

The firm, which is yet-to-be registered and has 10 students working for it, has also won Sri Lankan government as its first client. At the moment, Teknophile is not looking at monetising the platform however, Saathwik Yadavalli says, “We might look at advertisements and offering technology services such as generating analyses or providing dashboards to those (government agencies) using the platform.”

The ProblemBolo app will go live on both iOS and Android platforms for free and will be shortly launched globally for various cities in India, the US and Sri Lanka over the next few months.