The events industry is back in full swing, with a recent report published by Allied Market Research showing that some of the fastest-growing sectors include concerts, sports, and corporate events and seminars. In entertainment-focused events in particular (such as music festivals and concerts), technology is playing an increasingly larger role in safety, practicality, and cost-effectiveness. Whether you are a business seeking to hold an important conference or a private individual organising a big event (such as a large wedding or party), the following technologies will help you take your event to the next level.

LED Walls

High-resolution LED video walls, once the exclusive realm of expensive Hollywood film sets, are now present in top events across the globe. Large-format LED video walls and digital projection are being used to create artistic virtual sets that replace traditional ones. They create mass visual effects in real-time that performers can use to interact with a fantastical world in a realistic manner. This technology can be used for everything from concerts right through to business presentations, and live-streamed events.

Virtual Photography for Weddings and Other Private Events

The years 2020 and 2021 have been challenging for the wedding industry, which has risen to the challenge by relying on technology such as live streaming, robotic servers, and robotic photographers (which take photos that guests can share via social media). One of the most impressive technologies revolutionizing weddings, however, is undoubtedly that of virtual photo booths. Companies like Outsnapped are offering friends and loved ones who couldn’t make it to the wedding to appear in official wedding snaps. They achieve this goal by relying on artificial intelligence to enable subjects who are far away to fit in seamlessly with wedding backgrounds. As such, these guests can ‘take’ pictures with the couple and other family members and feel more like part of a wedding they may not have been able to attend for health and safety or work reasons.

Hologram Tech

Imagine holding a live-streamed event and actually being able to ‘appear’ before guests in another state or country. It is not possible thanks to hologram technology, which utilizes special holographic surfaces that enable speakers to captivate audiences or to show them their products or services in a far more realistic way. Hologram technology is bright, clear, and interactive and it allows businesses to present anything in 3D format. As such it can be used in a bevy of industries—including medicine, entertainment, and conferences.

Technology is shaking up the events and entertainment industry, with technologies like artificial intelligence allowing organizers to learn more about how their audiences enjoy and interact at their events. Just three of many groundbreaking technologies being relied upon by savvy companies and individuals include LED walls, virtual photography, and holograms. These innovations make for more entertaining, interactive, meaningful events that have the potential to unite people from far-off corners of the globe.

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