A browser is a fundamental tool for all Internet users as it is one of the most used software when surfing the World Wide Web. Majority of Internet users have their preferred browser. More often than not, however, these web browsers aren’t something users personally selected. People usually just rely on the browser that is already pre-installed in their tablet, computer, or mobile phone devices. The most common and popular ones are Safari for Macbook users, Firefox or Google Chrome for PC users and those who remained loyal to Internet Explorer cannot be disregarded.

The Benefits Of Using Other Web Browsers Than The Normal

With the continuous rise of technology, many developers have emerged and brought their own variations of web browsers. These web browsers have updated features such as security, interface, and speed, quite often giving people more diverse options. There are also anonymous browsers that have taken web security issues to the next level.

Below are some browsers that not so many users are familiar with, along with their benefits:

Opera Browser

Developed by a company named Opera Software AS, which is considered as one of the Internet suites, this browser can be used for iOS, Android, Linux operating system, and Microsoft Windows.

  • It doesn’t consume large memory
  • A much faster startup
  • Has a lightweight run time
  • Has faster website processing speed
  • Comes with two kinds of skin display options
  • It offers a typical window for users who have been used to the Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers
  • Its complete feature and website security gives you the confidence that damages caused by viruses and stealing data will be prevented

Konqueror Browser

Konqueror Browser is another free and open-source browser that is also a file manager. Aside from providing web access, it also has a functionality called file-viewer that lets you explore files not just on your computer, but also on other devices remotely.

  • It can perform as a local file manager
  • File viewer can work for files on a disk image, on a remote FTP server, and local files
  • It can execute and edit files such as PDF file formats or as documents with the help of KPart
  • KPart can be utilized in embedding multimedia content useful in an HTML page

K-Meleon Browser

It is an open-source browser, meaning it is software with which the copyright holder permits users to study and, if applicable, change the software and distribute it to anyone with whatever purpose it may serve. Its source code is released under the GNU General Public License.

  • Faster and lightweight, saving you more time loading a web page
  • No mixture of add-ons and plugins, which makes it faster and lighter
  • Simpler if compared to Firefox or Opera

SeaMonkey Browser

SeaMonkey is a free and open-source software developed in 2005. It is also considered as one of the Internet suites.

  • Useful in both emailing and browsing functions
  • It can filter email spam and viruses
  • It has a feature that translates foreign languages such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Spanish to English

Vivaldi Browser

It is a freeware and cross-platform web browser launched in April 2016. Cross-platform software is implemented from several computing platforms. It is developed by Vivaldi Technologies, the same people who created Opera.

  • Runs faster compared to Chrome or Firefox
  • Quicker response when you are browsing add-ons
  • It can utilize Chrome’s extensions
  • With built-in notepad and text editor
  • Its color scheme can adapt to the sites you are visiting
  • The Web Panel can pin one or more web pages, letting you see both pinned and existing web pages in a split view
  • Paste and Go function feature is available

Brave Browser

Like Konqueror, this browser is also free and open-source. It is founded by Brendan Eich, the co-founder of Firefox and Mozilla, and the same creator of Javascript.

  • Faster and safer as it immediately blocks ads and trackers
  • Protects your privacy diligently by redirecting sites to HTTPS, blocking advertising it deems as harmful, and blocking Tracking Cookies and Tracking Pixels
  • It has a pay-to-surf business model that lets users earn BAT or Basic Attention Tokens just by viewing advertisements (a token used to get a wide variety of advertising and attention-based services in the Brave platform is called BAT)


Since a browser’s functionalities do not interfere with each other, you can have the luxury to take advantage of all its benefits. This is ideal if you prefer to browse the Internet with different settings, alternating from one browser to another. Although a handful of free browsers are available today, choosing one still depends on whether it can fulfill your precise needs. Since downloading and installing are free and fast, go ahead, explore, and experiment.

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