At the time of writing an estimated 59.3 million Americans, or to put it another way, 19% of the adult population are actively engaged in fantasy sports.

There are the classic deep-dive, heavily detailed fantasy companies and then there are daily fantasy sports sites, which focus on fast-paced action for fans.

Whether you’re a quick-fire fantasy sports manager or the type that likes to spend a few hours every week going through the stats, most of us pick our teams in the same way – on an app. In this article, we take a look at the key features of a great fantasy sports app.


10 years ago app developers focused first and foremost on making their apps compatible for iPhone users. After that, they might have considered making them compatible for Android, but they never really put too much effort into that endeavour.

Nowadays, Android users account for 46% of the American mobile phone market and more than 50% of the global one. So every app made in 2021 has to prioritise compatibility in the early stages of development and fantasy sports apps are no different.

Steve in Brazil, Indiana might like to make his fantasy basketball changes on his iPhone whereas Brian in Mesa, Arizona might make his changes on an Xperia tablet. Both should be able to use the app just as easily as one another otherwise, they might start to look elsewhere.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Most mobile apps don’t actually have that much data to display to their users. Fantasy apps however are all about data and statistics, which is why we need to talk about Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs).

AMPs are an open-source coding project inspired by Google to help websites load faster on mobile devices and whilst they may not be as important as they once were, they are still very important to the fantasy industry.

Log onto any reputable fantasy app and you will find an option to check out all the detailed statistics behind any player you can think of. If all of this information were stored in the app, it would take up half of the storage on your phone and struggle to open.

Fantasy apps, therefore, use AMPs to take you through the app to their external website pages where these large swathes of data are stored. The AMPs help to make this as quick and seamless as possible, to the extent that many users may not even notice them!

Secure Payment

Whilst we all play fantasy sports for fun there is a financial element involved in every game. Whether that be playing for national cash prizes or just wagering between you and your friends, you need to know that your money is safe and secure.

Which is why all reputable fantasy sports apps must have secure payment services, which they usually lease from a provider like PayPal. This means that all cash transfers are made using cutting edge encryption and fraud detection technology.

In using providers like PayPal, apps also have accountability to their customers when it comes to chasing up missing money. If for any reason, something goes wrong with your deposit or withdrawal there will be a clear set of guidelines to follow which will help to reunite you with your lost cash.

Great Design

Finally, the last thing that a great fantasy sports app needs is a sleek and appealing design to keep you playing for longer and attract new players. Your Mom may have told you umpteen times as a child that looks aren’t important, but in the commercial world they really are.

There are hundreds of fantasy apps out there to choose from, all offering relatively similar features and offers to their users. When someone is downloading an app onto their mobile device they usually check two things.

Firstly they look at how many positive ratings the app has received and steer clear of those with a string of negative reviews. Secondly, they look at the app icon and the screengrabs to see how the app looks and feels.

If one app looks like it was made in 2010 and another looks sleek, modern and clean guess which one the user is going to download? You got it, the one that looks like a serious app for serious fantasy players.

In Summary

There are a myriad of other factors that go into developing a great fantasy app, but without getting into the finer details, the points covered in this article are key. Sure there are highly-detailed points about storage, functionality and performance to consider but they are considerations for every app on the market.

What it all comes down to with fantasy apps in essence is compatibility, speed, security and design. With all of these bases covered you can forget about worrying about the app and just enjoy picking your prize winning fantasy team.


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