If you ask some historians, they will tell you that one of the oldest games in the world is mancala, which dates back to around 6000 BC. Fast forward and generation upon generation has games that have defined their respective period. This can be from pushing hoops with sticks to snakes and ladders to pong to what we have now. So, what are the games that have defined this generation? Well, the below list takes a deeper look.


The waka-waka sound that accompanies Pacman is iconic and known by everyone, a testament to just how popular this game is. Nearly everyone in the world has played this arcade survival game at least once, so it would be wrong not to include it on this list.

Of course, when held up against other games, there is a question mark over whether it is actually good or not. Sure, it’s a classic, but it leans toward the simpler side and has failed to have any kind of update in decades. Realistically, it should be viewed in the same way that a lot of classic movies are. Well-renowned and well loved, but not all that good.

Grand Theft Auto

An absolute smash hit in every sense of the word. All of the games in the Grand Theft Auto Saga have done well but specifically, GTA V has managed to sell millions of copies across a variety of different platforms. It isn’t without its controversy though as many parents and anti-videogame-violence advocates are constantly demonising the game, claiming it is too violent for the people that play it.

GTA’s popularity is enshrouded not only in the fact that it is a top-quality game but also because it is constantly evolving. It previously introduced a multiplayer option and since then has even started using an online casino element in the form of the Diamond Casino and Resort, which highlights not only GTA’s evolution but the growing popularity of online casino games.

World of Warcraft

This is a genre-defining game that continues to be one of the most played video games out there, despite how old it is. People dedicate hours and hours and hours to this game, building characters, levelling up and completing campaigns, so much so that some obsessives have played over 1,000s of days on it.

Angry Birds

Sure, it’s not exactly on par with the likes of GTA or World of Warcraft, but there’s no surprise that Angry Birds is on this list. It’s arguably one of the only apps that almost every phone has had downloaded on it at some point. Its popularity has sparked multiple sequels, spins-offs and even a Hollywood movie.


To truly discuss just how massive and influential Minecraft is would take a lot more than a simple paragraph. It’s not even just a game anymore. Gigs are being held in this world, companies are building office buildings and are even using these buildings to meet and talk with clients. Minecraft exploded onto the gaming scene and has only continued to grow in popularity ever since.

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