In the recent years people are getting more and more health conscious and with the technology boom around the world consequently the number of mobile health app downloads has also increased significantly. As consumers become better educated about making healthy lifestyle decisions, and as mobile phones become more progressive and pervasive in our daily lives, it is surely no surprise to see this level of rise in interest and extensive use of health-related applications.

Healthcare Mobile appsBelow listed are a few best healthcare apps in the market today. The list is restricted to Android and iOS devices only.

  1. iTriage Health, Doctor, Symptoms and Healthcare Search


Patients have access to endless health information right in their pockets. Users can view their health record, search for doctors, look up medical symptoms, view hospital wait times, and much more. This app also allows them to check their symptoms and easily locate a physician or hospital in the event of an emergency. It is yet not a perfect or complete healthcare tracking solution, but is on the right path.

  1. WebMD


It is one of the long established popular sources for medical information. The mobile applications of WebMD provide health information management in an easy-to-use format to the users. It includes everything from symptom checking (complete with a “touch where it hurts” model), to drug side effects, first aid essentials and to pill identification. The app allows users to get all the information they need quickly and accurately.

  1. RunKeeper – GPS Track Run Walk


RunKeeper is one of the top GPS-based run tracking apps in the mobile application market. The application interface provides rich graphs, maps, and all other statistics about your running activity in a clean and user-friendly interface. The app claims to have over 20 million users and it is very obvious why. There are many run tracking apps out there, but very few seem as polished as this.

  1. Zombies, Run!


Need a motivation to run? What better motivation than being chased by zombies? This app places you in an alluring audio experience and makes you feel like you’re in an episode of your favorite zombie movie. Along with giving you a complete gaming experience (building up a base as you progress through different missions), the app also allows you to track your progress on the web and share runs with friends. Additionally it also allows you to sync your runs with RunKeeper (previous in this list). There is also a less expensive version of the app.

  1. I’m Expecting – Pregnancy App


I’m Expecting app is an extremely helpful to keep the new would-be parents up-to-date on what to expect, what’s happening to the baby on the inside, what’s happening to the mother, and what the parents should keep an eye out for. The app is geared towards expectant mothers only and not the fathers so this can be a minor disadvantage or shortcoming.

  1. Fooducate – Healthy Food Diet


Fooducate lets you scan the barcode on food packaging and gives you easy to understand all round nutritional information regarding the food product. The app also proposes healthier alternatives if you scan something that may not be too healthy for you.

  1.  Fitbit


Fitbit is one of the dominant tools used by the “self quantifiers.” i.e for people who want to keep their every movement in check.  It is essentially a web-enabled pedometer that tracks your movement and displays your data in lots of fancy charts and graphs. The mobile app also allows users to input food intake to help you track calorie consumption and amount burned. This application majorly helps people who want to lose weight.

  1. Diabetes AppGlucose Tracker, Sugar Control and Carb Counter


Outside the doctor’s office diabetic patients usually struggle to monitor their conditions. This app provides a food database for patients to track their consumption and also allows physicians to monitor any fluctuation. In this way patients can keep their sugar levels under control

  1. Home Remedies


This app provides an entire guide for natural cures and home remedies for all kinds of common ailments. This app has come as a boon for many as most of the non-adverse illness can be treated at home itself without a need to attend a physician or a hospital for that matter. It features several natural cures to replace most commonly used drugs to treat common ailments.

     10. Mosquito Repellent


It is a unique app that prevents you from mosquito bite by generating a high frequency ultrasound. It is a common known fact that mosquitoes avoid certain ultrasound frequencies. Additionally this app helps you to avoid mosquitoes simply without any need of mosquito coils and other kind of environment pollutants!