Hi-tech gadgets can be enough to wow the inner child in most of us. When we realise that we can now have robot assistants and cameras that fly, it seems all the technological possibilities we dreamed about as children are finally within reach. In a business context, state of the art technology can impress clients, partners, and help improve the reputation of a company.

Most importantly, tech tools can streamline processes and contribute to the efficiency and productivity of the enterprise. In addition to this, great IT support companies can help integrate technology as part of a holistic IT strategy. The company will be one that 1) deploys the height of technology to achieve its goals and 2) shows it’s looking to the future. 

Virtual reality software

We are all familiar with video conferencing and the experience it brings to businesses, but current virtual reality technology takes things to the next level. VR software enables users to upload models of products so different parties can meet in the same virtual room to discuss business. Using the software, participants can wear VR headsets to view 3D CAD models in actual size. This technology is provided by VR software company, MiddleVR, and brings more of real-life experience to business interactions. 

Room automation systems

With automation systems controlling such things as lighting, heating and air conditioning, building maintenance has entered the twenty-first century and is now ‘smart’. These systems combine network hardware and software and offer centralised control that can be managed from a mobile device. Room automation solutions may also come with intelligent sensors that can adjust the temperature to the number of people in the room, and make energy saving a priority. 

Virtual whiteboard

Many teleconferencing applications such as Zoom, Skype or GoToMeeting offer users the chance to share their screens or bring up PowerPoint presentations, among other types of documents. When more collaboration is needed, virtual whiteboards provide a board that participants in different locations can contribute towards. For brainstorming sessions with a visual element for added clarity, popular virtual whiteboards include RealTimeBoard, Limnu and Jamboard from Google.

Treadmill desks

Sitting down at a desk all day isn’t good news for your health. This is what brought about standing desks, which can give the body a change and take the strain off the back for a few hours. But now, treadmill desks have become the new alternative, and these have been shown in studies to improve concentration and memory, as well as having various other physical and mental benefits. Companies like Fully supply desks that put health and productivity first.

Password managers

In a world where cyber crime is a growing threat to businesses of all sizes, password management is a layer of protection that everyone could benefit from. This type of software allows you to manage your passwords across a range of devices, syncing data, automatically filling in forms and keeping passwords safe in an encrypted digital vault. Password managers store login information, ensure that passwords are frequently changed, and generate unique and strong passwords. Popular password managers include Dashlane, 1Password and Bitwarden.

Access control systems

Virtual access control systems and solutions mean businesses no longer need to worry about the expenses of security teams. With software solutions that manage smart locks, cameras, surveillance and alarms, security suddenly became much simpler. Software such as Kisi or Johnson Controls provide options for access control; for example, employees can gain access with an access card or a mobile app. Multiple buildings and doors can be covered, and new employees can be easily added to the system. The software integrates with other platforms such as Google Apps or Ring Doorbell.

Digital receptionist

Having an actual receptionist isn’t an option for all businesses, especially startups with limited funds. However, key receptionist services can be provided by a tablet with the right receptionist application. These include answering calls with an automated service, checking visitors in and out, notifying staff members of the arrival of visitors, monitoring materials carried by visitors and even verifying visitors with face recognition. Leading digital receptionist software solutions include Ara and Greetly.

The selection of tools available to businesses is growing each day, as new and impressive solutions are launched to automate and provide for everyday business needs. Each of these can help modernise and streamline business processes, so executives and employees can spend their time on making decisions and strategies that call for the foresight, common sense and creativity of human intelligence. This means enterprises are left with a race to innovate and drive growth in a competitive market, as well as a constant search for the solutions that are the most effective.

Abhishek is a startup ninja who has spent his time meeting entrepreneurs and helping them tell their stories efficiently. You can find him biking around in his past time. Based out of New Delhi, he is a geek at heart, gadgets are his toys and internet technology is what keeps him going. Email: abhishek@biztechpost.com