Verizon Galaxy Tab 7.7 receives an update that reduces electrical consumption during power off charging

Verizon Galaxy Tab 7.7 receives an update This is great news for the Verizon’s Galaxy Tab 7.7 users as Verizon has announced an update that will reduce the electrical consumption during power off charging.

Anyway, this wouldn’t exactly affect your electricity bills, but it’s really good to see such an old device get an update like this, even if it addresses an issue no one might have noticed in the first place.

The update should roll out in a day or two as it has already approved, so be careful while you get a notification in your status bar for the same. By the way, the update comes with the device support with software version IMM76D.LP11.

As Verizon suggest that it would take around 5-7 minutes to get the device updated. These are the steps to be followed during the new software updates:-

  1. Once you get the notification of an update on your device then select to download now
  2. Press the install now and then your device will be power off and back on to complete the installation process
  3. If you are going to initiate an update manually then you follow the steps such as Homeàapplication àsettingàabout device àsystem updatesàpress restart & Install
  4. The device will be power off and back on to start the installation process
  5. If you are roaming then you must use a Wi-Fi to get the updates done. The steps remain the same whether you get a notification automatically or go manually

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