Best Free WordPress Table Plugins of 2018

After delving into WordPress’ immense plugin directory, we have narrowed down 4 best WordPress table plugins that will match with your requirement.

Best Free WordPress Table Plugins of 2018

WordPress provides convenient ways to create a website without having any coding skills. It allows you to present your content in a more organized manner. But beyond the paragraphs and lists that WordPress natively allows sometimes, you need to present your information in a more visually compelling format such as list or tables.

Tables are one of the best ways to organize and represent data in an easy to view style. But, have you ever tried creating a Table in WordPress?

Well, you will agree that it’s not easy to create a table unless we use plugins. WordPress by default doesn’t have table features, and so we have to rely on table plugins.

We should be thankful to the WordPress developers who have developed table plugins that seamlessly add this functionality to a WordPress site. There are many table plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory. However, you need to select the right one that matches with your requirement.

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Check out the best WordPress table plugins for your site.

1. TablePress

So far TablePress is one of the most popular free table plugins for WordPress. Over half a million active installs and an impressive 5-star average rating is the validation of this plugin from the WordPress community.

Without having any coding skills, you can design beautiful tables and embed them in posts and pages using shortcodes. You can import and export data in Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON formats. This free plugin’s simple, no-nonsense approach to creating stunning tables for your site is worth trying for yourself.

Other Features

  • Supports multiple languages
  • Source data from CSV, HTML, XLS, XLSX, JSON
  • Straightforward data entry
  • Simple, intuitive table designs
  • Tables are searchable

Download TablePress

2. Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables is the latest entrant but it is the most advanced and modern Table builder plugin on WordPress. Unlike TablePress, Ninja Tables enables you to create custom tables straight from your post or page using its page builder. You have the option to include media in your tables, change the colour theme, and create one-click customizable table styles to create eye-catching tables. Expect the tables to load fast and be responsive to your visitor’s device, factors that make your site more user-friendly. Furthermore, you can build any type of HTML tables with its powerful column builder where you can specify its design on different devices. And the best thing about this plugin is that you don’t need to know any HTML or CSS at all.

Its powerful search and ajax features help users to filter data easily. Ninja Table comes with the best frontend table styles like Footables, Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, Symmetric UI. The plugin comes with pro feature with lifetime updates for $25 for one website or $59 for unlimited websites.

Other features:

  • VIP customer support
  • Export and import data from Excel and CSV files as well as from other WordPress table plugins

Download Ninja Tables

3. Table Maker

This is another responsive table plugin that you can use for creating simple, beautiful responsive tables for anything such as specification comparisons list, list of top offers, etc.

You get control over each cell and fill everything that you want. You can add content either row by row or column by column which means the plugin is good for creating top lists and for comparison table charts with specification.

The plugin has several other features. For example, you can place subheaders in tables. You can mark first row as column for specification labels. You can make each table responsive or scrollable on mobiles.

Other Features:

  • Responsive option (stacks)
  • Predefined icons
  • Rows or cols lines
  • Option to mark first column for specification labels
  • Option to add labels and featured row and cols
  • Works with shortcodes
  • Option to add subheaders
  • Option to choose color of header
  • Great and simple design
  • Option to upload and use images
  • Optional center aligning

Download Table Maker

4. wpDataTables

wpDataTables has an extensive array of features and each feature is fully customizable. However, there is one limitation with this plugin, that is, you’re required to import data from an outside source (such as Excel, CSV, or MySQL) instead of creating a table from your WordPress dashboard. While this can be painful, it’s also one of the reasons why wpDataTables can handle a massive amount of data without issue.

Despite that slight hiccup, the amazing customizability and interactivity of wpDataTables make it one of the best WordPress table plugins.

Other Features

  • Tables are searchable and sortable
  • Source data from Excel, CSV, MySQL, XML, JSON, Google Sheets
  • Highly customizable backend
  • Tables are responsive (can be toggled on/off)
  • Supports over 40 languages

Download wpDataTables

5. Ultimate Tables

Though it’s a lesser known, but in our opinion, this is the best table creation plugin, especially for creating tables form very large data sets. Ultimate Tables can handle more than 200 rows of data without any hiccup. The only cons are that customization options are limited and the tables aren’t responsive.


  • Handles large data sets
  • HTML allowed in table cells
  • 3 table designs
  • Table pagination options
  • Sortable in backend

Download Ultimate Tables

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