Xiaomi Chinese Smartphone eyes Singapore as the next market

Xiaomi, one of the most popular local brands in China, has announced through a tweet that company managed to sell no less than 18.7 million smartphones in 2013.
This is a great success for the company since it was initially aiming at selling only 15 million devices during the past year.

Xiaomi Chinese Smartphone Maker

Xiaomi released total four smartphones in 2013. In April, it launched the variants of its then-flagship smartphone, the Mi-2S, and Mi-2A. Subsequently, it unveiled its lowest-priced phone yet in July — the $130 Hongmi. Following that, it launched its latest flagship Mi-3 device in September.

The company has been garnering success in China through customer loyalty program, building a fan base and launching competitively priced phones that, when released in phases, regularly sell out fast, often within minutes. In 2013, Xiaomi also notched up an impressive valuation of $10 billion in its latest funding round.

Furthermore, the vendor unveiled that it managed to move more than 3 million units during December alone, another great achievement.

Starting with this year, Xiaomi is set to make its handsets available for purchase in more markets around the world, following Hong Kong and Taiwan, where it started selling phones last year.

Hugo Barra, former Google employee has unveiled recently that Singapore will be one of the next markets targeted by Xiaomi, and that India, Russia, Indonesia, Latin America, and Thailand might follow no long after that.


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