XNXX is touted by many as one of the premier smut sites catering to the needs of millions of adult content fetishists across the world. The site boasts an enticing interface on the lines of XVideos. You can easily stream your favourite adult videos in full HD at super-fast speeds. However, of late, xnxx.com has been blocked in several countries by ISPs at the behest of government agencies. Which is why, countries such as India, South Korea, Bahrain, etc. are reeling under the current porn ban. Even the UK and Australia could implement a ban on www.xnxx.com if censorship freaks had their way. Luckily, you can still circumvent geo-restrictions via XNXX proxy and XNXX mirror websites. So, if you were looking for an easy solution to unblock XNXX, stay posted for you are at the right place.

What are XNXX Proxy and Mirror sites?

Ever since law enforcement agencies began their onslaught on torrent and free porn websites, users seem to be stuck in a rut. They have resorted to various tricks to unblock their favourite sites but to no avail. This site, too, met with a similar fate as it was rendered inaccessible in many countries.

Unfazed by these deterrents, the official staff of the website launched a slew of XNXX proxy and mirror sites to unblock the main domain, https://www.xnxx.com from anywhere in the world.

These proxy and mirror sites are mere clones of the main domain, https://www.xnxx.com and host its entire adult video library, database and index but on separate domains. Furthermore, these XNXX proxy and mirror sites use the same server as xHamster.com so you can be sure to avail blazing streaming/download speeds.

Alternately, you could also deploy a premium VPN service to bypass the ban. VPNs can not only mask your IP address but also hide your browser history from ISPs. However, premium VPNs cost a dime a dozen and can sometimes affect your streaming/download speeds, inadvertently.

Which leaves us with the best alternative to unblock XNXX.com in your country. With these proxy and mirror sites you can stream your favourite adult videos at ultrafast speeds without ever compromising with your online privacy. Down below I have listed a rundown of the best working XNXX proxy and mirror sites that will bypass the main domain instantly. Let’s get started fellas.

20+ Best XNXX Proxy and Mirror Sites (Updated)

S. No.XNXX Proxy and Mirror Sites 2020StatusSpeed
1XNXX TVOnlineSuper Fast
2XNXX NewOnlineFast
3The XNXX Mirror SiteOnlineFast
4XNXX LiveOnlineSuper Fast
5XNXX UltimateOnlineSuper Fast
6XNXX_Proxy 1OnlineFast
7XNXX_Proxy 2OnlineFast
8XNXX_PROXY 3OnlineFast
9XNXX_PROXY 4OnlineFast
10XNXX_PROXY 5OnlineFast
11XNXX_New ProxyOnlineFast
12XNXX MirrorOnlineSuper Fast
14Unblock XNXX1 ProxyOnlineFast
15XNXX Unblocker ProxyOnlineFast
16Unblock XNXX_Proxy_SiteOnlineFast
17XNXX Mirror SiteOnlineFast
18XNXX UK UnblockOnlineFast
19Unblock XNXX-Proxy WebsiteOnlineFast

Disclaimer: We don’t condone piracy nor host any of these sites. We are not responsible for any legal repercussions if you access these sites. This information is for educational purposes only.

Unblock XNXX website with XNXX Proxy and Mirror sites

To figure out if XNXX is blocked in your country simply type in its URL, www.xnxx.com, in your browser’s address bar. You will come across a message flashing on your screen that reads something like this:

“Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India.”

This message implies the handiwork of your ISP in connivance with your regional government. So, to unblock XNXX website, all you oughta do is to simply click on any of the aforementioned links and you will be safely redirected to a proxy/mirror site.

Don’t fret over the latest updates because these proxy sites are periodically updated with the latest raunchy videos as soon as new updates are rolled out on your favourite site, that is, xnxx.com.

Do check out the best NSFW Subreddits available on the internet. It will definitely get you hooked.

And…that’s a wrap! Don’t forget to bookmark this page to stay posted about new XNXX proxy and mirror sites as we are constantly updating this list. Navigate to the links below if you if you’re facing trouble visiting other popular adult sites.


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