In order to scale Indian startups across various levels at 100 open start-ups grand challenges, Z Nation Lab has partnered with 100 Open Startups. Furthermore, the partnership aims to take these startups to the 100 Open innovation week and showcase their products to the vast network of top corporates across the world.

100 Open Startups is a network where large companies and startups interact in the pursuit of high impact innovations to society. The main expected outcome is to identify from a networked process each year the 100 most attractive startups within each market it operates, culminating in a face to face event hosted by a sponsor in an ‘Innovation capital’ within that market. The program is organized and operated globally by 100 OPEN STARTUPS.

Nilesh Jain, Founder Partner – Z Nation Lab said, “We are excited to be a part of 100 Open Startups, this, globally, is by far the best Open Innovation platform and will provide Indian startups the exposure to work with top corporates on innovative solutions, specific to their requirements and needs. Further, this provides a launch pad to pilot and deploy cutting-edge solutions to the industry while the startups get the real world exposure to test, validate and scale their solutions.”

Varadarajan Krishna – Managing Director- 100 Open Startups India said that we will be working very closely with Z Nation lab on this project to not only help Indian start-ups bridge the gap to scale globally but also inculcate open innovation methodology in the Indian Corporates.

As the first initiative by this partnership, Z Nation Lab along with 100 Open Startups is conducting an Innovation at Core in real estate event in Nov 2017 were 25 large real estate developers from India are coming together to embrace Innovation in real estate.

Z Nation Lab provides an ecosystem to tech entrepreneurs and startups to help them accelerate their growth. It is an early stage accelerator which empowers entrepreneurs with capital, technical expertise, and network. With the presence in Silicon Valley, USA, Z Nation Lab is well connected in the Silicon Valley ecosystem to take the Indian startups to the USA and expand globally. Startups can take advantage of some of their programs like Access Silicon Valley, Scale-up USA, and Startup Bootcamp Silicon Valley.

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