RailYatri includes ‘Live Trip Tracking’ features on its mobile app

RailYatri.in has announced the addition of trip sharing on their android app, which allows train travelers to share live location with family and friends while traveling on the train. In just 2 clicks, you can share your entire trip details with your friends, who can then see how your journey on the moving train is progressing real time.

RailYatri includes ‘Live Trip Tracking’ features on its mobile app

As per RailYatri the user response has been quite overwhelming. In less than a week since its launch, several thousand users per day are benefitting from the trip sharing feature. Many thousand trips are being added daily and people are sharing their trips with loved ones as it is the most convenient and fastest way to share your trip. The cherry on the cake is that your friends can track your trip even if your phone’s battery dies while you are on the move. They can still come and receive you at the station by tracking your trip on RailYatri.

Besides being the fastest way to tell friends about your trip – in 2 clicks you can post the full journey details on popular messenger apps like whatsapp – the feature helps your family know how your journey is progressing by checking your location. The app uses your location to find the train position, and displays the train status.

Besides the sheer convenience, there is also the safety aspect, and the company advises travelers to share trips within the trusted connections.  Users don’t have to worry about Keeping the user’s privacy, the location sharing stops automatically once the train reaches its destination.

Apart from being a ‘cool’ feature, it is particularly helpful for students as the families are usually worried when they travel alone. Families travelling in large groups or elderly travelers would find it extremely beneficial as their families can stay connected as the travel progresses. It is bound to be a blessing for women traveler’s as it shares the real time information with friends and family.

The app also calculates the expected arrival time, delay (if any) and distance left to destination. It also shows the coach / seat position of the traveler, along with the expected platform number. The app also advises the users which side to approach the station in case you are traveling to the station.

If the receiver doesn’t have RailYatri app on his phone, he can still track sender’s trip on the browser. The sharing works across all platforms, and works on most browsers in case you do not have an android device. In conclusion, trip sharing is a must-have feature for today’s train travelers.