7 Best Translation Extensions for Chrome Web Browser

The variety of human languages circling the world might have called out to the appreciation and celebration of the diversity spearheaded but the lofty concept creates a barrier when it comes to reading and understanding an unfamiliar language. 

To understand the meaning of texts written in a foreign tongue, online translators and printed textbook guides have been the saviour. However, based on the lack of availability of stock, consumer disinterest in books and the dissolving of barriers of language along with a surge in instant results due to shorter attention spans, the relevance of translating apps comes forth readily.

Why Look Beyond Inbuilt Google Chrome Translator?

Most of us find the nearest and easiest friend to turn to for a translation of texts to Google Chrome Translator. As an inbuilt feature, the Google translator does a commendable job.

However, there are uncompromising mistakes in the grammar, sentence formation errors as well as the overall structure of the translated text. Sometimes, chrome provides the same text only itself because of the inability to grasp certain calls. Also, there is no guarantee that the translated text will be up to the mark in terms of quality.

7 Best Translation Extensions for Chrome

Therefore, one must look for other translating apps beyond the built-in Google Chrome translator. Some of the best translation extensions for the Chrome web browser are as follows:- 

1. Reverso

Utilising AI-powered tools, the Reverso Chrome translator extension provides a full-fledged translation feature. It offers free plans and a paid version at around $6.50 per month. Some of the features offered are:-

  • It includes a text-to-voice translation facet so that the user can easily get the texts translated without having to pen down or type. 
  • It also provides a dictionary (it is a maintained record of all the most-used phrases and the favourite words of the user)
  • Watching movies? It can even translate the Netflix subtitles in real time for you
  • It is well-supported by Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • You are also offered quizzes, flashcards, games with ‘Word of the week’ and learning foreign language

2. Im Translator

Supporting not only Chrome but also Firefox, Yandex and Opera, the Im Translator comes with a combination of three translators to promote impeccable translation of the text: Microsoft, Google, and Babylon. The translation extension for Chrome Web Browser, Im Translator plays itself forth in the following ways:-

  • It can perform the reverse or ‘Back Translation’ feature where the texts would be translated from their known language to any foreign language desired.
  • Also, while translating, if you do make edits to the texts, the texts will be translated accurately with the edits
  • It can do both full website translation as well as customised of translating one word or one line along with translation shortcuts.
  • Supporting around 66 languages, the translation activity can be retrieved later as they are easily stored in the extension. 

3. Mate Translate

Offering both free pricing plans and a paid version that starts at around $9.99 per month, the Mate Translate gives the following aspects in abundance for use:-

  • It comprises a dictionary which is more or less a book of all the most common and favorite compiled phrases and words for elevating your learning experience
  • Allows the user to translate the subtitles while indulge watching Netflix shows in real time
  • The text-to-audio feature lets the user learn the pronunciations of foreign words appropriately
  • Compatible with almost all devices

4. Bubble Translate

Providing inline translation as well as real-time translation features to the users, Bubble Translate segregates its multiple support options while extending its assistance to the users in the following forms:-

  • The themed features shall highlight the translated texts of the content
  • The user has permission to set various options for the several language choices available while translating the texts into these different languages.
  • Using the combinations available, the extension is capable of performing full website translation in one go as well

5. DeepL Translator

Allowing the user to translate texts in unlimited volumes and without any particular barrier, the DeepL Translator is transmitted as a translator that can retain the original formatted structure of the document while performing a 360-degree translation of the entire context of the document. 

The translator also allows the following features:-

  • It saves the document for future retrieval of data
  • It also keeps the data safe with data security as the texts get deleted after translation (the data is stored on the cloud for future purposes)
  • High speed of translating the texts to save time

6. Quick Translate

Offering the most user-friendly, simple, and easy-to-handle translation means that makes it the prime choice for a foreign language study, the Quick Translate plots the given aspects magnanimously:-

  • It can simply translate the texts, be it articles, phrases or words, with merely one click.
  • To translate in this customising manner, the user only has to highlight the text and then right-click on it. Then, the option of pop-up shall appear for the selection of the language to translate
  • It supports more than 50 languages. 

7. TransOver

Power-packed with not only translation but multiple amazing tools, the TransOver Chrome translator extension offers users the following facets:-

  • It provides the easiest translating option because the TransOver can translate your texts automatically. Also, if you let your cursor or mouse pointer hover over the word, even that word shall be translated before your eyes in no time. 
  • Equipped with a user-defined time delay aspect, the TransOver software is perfect for learning any foreign language easily (the time delay aspect means that when you hover the cursor over the text, it provides you a stipulated time to figure out the word before TransOver translates it automatically again)
  • The user can perform reverse translation to translate a text in a known language to a foreign one

The user gets all these features entirely free!


Opting for one Chrome translator extension amongst the many would be quite difficult especially when the netizens find an abundance of pragmatic translators. However, for quality control and yielding a well-structured translated text, look for a translator that can offer methods of interactive translation with multiple features. 

The above-mentioned recommendations regarding translation extensions for Chrome Web Browser fit all the strata. 

So, what do you think about these Google Chrometranslation extensions? Let us know in the comments!

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